4NEW – Initial Coin Offering Announcement

The world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, Waste to Energy, blockchain solution.

State of Affairs

One Bitcoin transaction consumes as much energy as 7.55 homes in the United States for 1 day, compared to one Ethereum transaction that consumes as much energy as 1.34 homes in the United States for 1 day as of this article.

In 2015, Bitcoin consumed as much energy as Ethereum does today, however, given the rising price and demand for cryptocurrencies the energy consumption for Bitcoin has skyrocketed. Ethereum is on the same track as Bitcoin, given most ICO’s lately are choosing to build their respective platforms using Ethereum.

To combat this trend, Ethereum has planned to change its proof-of-work algorithm to an energy efficient proof-of-stake algorithm namely Casper. This change is expected to minimize energy consumption which will be implemented gradually as per their latest roadmap.


4NEW Limited is the world’s first blockchain integrated, Waste to Energy public utility treatment plant. 4NEW will revolutionize Waste and Energy industries by offering services as a wholesaler within the Utilities sector that is fully integrated onto an open source, decentralized public exchange enabling consumers and industry peers alike to trade their 4NEW Coins towards payments within the 4NEW ecosystem.


4NEW’s platform solves two of the biggest global and social issues of our time. 4NEW collects the waste from households, processing it through its waste conversion treatment plant, turning it into electricity. And then the electricity is sold back to the households, where the waste was collected from. Alternatively, electricity can also be sold to the national grid or aggregators that would be regarded as industry peers, or data servers to support future blockchain platforms.

Moreover, 4NEW will be able to support the energy consumption costs of its own decentralized open source platform enabling 4NEW to operate at significantly reduced costs compared to the other blockchain networks.


With a global plan to scale this localized solution addressing the waste surplus and the energy shortfall crisis, 4NEW will not only revolutionize the blockchain network but also standardize digital assets as a means to transact business within a conventional setting.

Site Location

With three sites already identified to launch within the United Kingdom, 4NEW will be completely installed and operational by December 31, 2018. Given the short gestation period, 4NEW will quickly position itself in a crowded ICO world as one of the most stable and liquid digital assets available to the community.

Coin Price Stability and Liquidity

The constant growing demand for 4NEW services within its ecosystem will directly correlate to liquidity for the 4NEW Coin. Additionally, with the ability to determine future sales and revenues, 4NEW is equipped to have a clear and transparent outlook for supply and demand for its coins at any given time. This supply/demand predictability facilitates price stability for the 4NEW Coin.

Offering Schedule

4NEW Limited is scheduled to launch its Pre-sale round starting October 17th, 2017 through November 14, 2017. Additionally, the Live Launch will occur November 1st, 2017 through December 15th, 2017, with a subsequent listing on exchanges by December 18th, 2017. The company is also offering two bounty rounds for early adopters between October 17th and October 31st 2017.

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