According to the ViaBTC team, All Bitcoin Core Developers Should be Fired

There are quite a few different opinions on Bitcoin and the scaling debate. According to some, Bitcoin Core should remain in charge. Others, such as ViaBTC, feel Bitcoin Core developers should be fired. Not only is that an impossible statement, it only fuels the ongoing bickering even more.  Statements like these add nothing of value whatsoever.

ViaBTC Makes A Ridiculous Statement

ViaBTC has always been a rather controversial Bitcoin company. Their transaction accelerator tool has been somewhat successful. However, they also support Bitcoin Unlimited, which most people still see as a big joke. It is evident this Chinese pool wants nothing to do with Bitcoin Core and its developers. That is fine, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, issuing things such as “Let’s fire core” only exhibit a high degree of immaturity.

To put this into perspective, it would be impossible to fire anyone working on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a company, and there are no employees, CEOs, or management. One cannot “fire” developers by any means. The best ViaBTC could do is ignore any proposal presented by Bitcoin Core in the future. They have done so for quite some time, yet even that situation has come to change. The company supports SegWit2x, a solution largely based on SegWit developed by Bitcoin Core.

The Scaling Debate is Far From Over

Additionally, choosing SegWit2x further confirms ViaBTC made the wrong decision in the past. Few people are talking about Bitcoin Unlimited anymore right now. Many experts knew that the solution would ultimately fail, for obvious reasons. Multiple code bugs and semi-clueless developers should not determine the future of Bitcoin. It is good to see alternative implementations, but only if they hold up under pressure. BU was never capable of doing so, unfortunately.

It is evident there will be some form of “separation” on the Bitcoin network very soon. Those supporting SegWit2x will do their thing, and the UASF camp will do something else. They are not mutually exclusive, but it is doubtful Chinese pools will support the UASF. The coming weeks will be quite interesting for Bitcoin. Things may finally be resolved, or the situation could grow worse. Only time will tell what will happen.

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Source: Newsbtc