AT&T Patents Bitcoin-Based Subscriber Server

Antonio Madeira · June 8, 2017 · 8:00 am

Telecommunications giant AT&T was recently awarded a patent for a Bitcoin-based “Decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server device.”

AT&T’s Bitcoin-Based Subscriber Server

In the midst of the current Bitcoin frenzy, where regular users and traditional investors are looking at it as a safe haven investment or a cheaper payment method, some companies are realizing the value in its underlying technology and the applications that can be built on it. This is the case with telecommunications giant AT&T.

The multinational telecommunications conglomerate was recently awarded a patent for a Bitcoin-based subscriber server, which was filed over two years ago in April 2015. The patented server uses the actual Bitcoin blockchain to automate payments and to process subscriptions more efficiently.

The patent reads:

A decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server is provided. First data can be sent representing a first nonce string to a mobile device; and in response to receiving second data representing the first nonce string and a second nonce string, a communication channel can be established with the mobile device as a function of the first nonce string.

[T]he disclosed decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server system can leverage the Bitcoin blockchain; the distributed database in the bitcoin infrastructure.

[…] in cases where the decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server system utilizes the bitcoin blockchain, advantage can be taken of the plethora of nodes contributing and maintaining the security of bitcoin transactions.

AT&T decided to use Bitcoin itself for security reasons as opposed to building a private blockchain, thus leveraging Bitcoin’s superior network and hashing power. The use of the Bitcoin blockchain could also mean that Bitcoin itself may one day be integrated as a payment method for content or phone and cable bills, freeing AT&T from middlemen fees.  

AT&T …& Bitcoin

Although the prospect of Bitcoin payments or even a backend integration is exciting, the recently awarded patent is not AT&T’s first Bitcoin-related endeavor, as the company has previously filed another patent which currently awaiting approval.

The previous patent filed by AT&T was for a Bitcoin-powered payment system for in-car use, a more ambitious project that could take years to be fully developed.

No official comments have been made by AT&T regarding the use of blockchain technology nor the possible adoption of cryptocurrency payments.

Is AT&T planning to integrate Bitcoin payments to its services? Will the Bitcoin blockchain be used by AT&T as a backend component? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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