Binance Co-founder He Yi: Do Not Follow Suit and Hold Your Bitcoin

August 23th, Binance announced to open trading of MCO and ICN today.
In the past few days, Binance opened trading of DNT, which was popular in the ICO market.

Until today, Binance has listed 18 coins.

Binance believes that the bitcoin trading already matures into 2.0 era. Pure exchange has been accepted by a much more people, and also a lot of projects get in. It is urgent to have a pivot which could share the information.

Binance grows fast leading by its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, previous Bloomberg and CTO, and co-founder Yi He, previous vice president of Yixia Tech. Within one month, Binance reached the top10 24hr trading volume in the Coinmarktcap covering customers all of the world.

For the spectacular of ICO market, Yi said, “ICO is like the community crowdsale. It puts angel investment, VC and PE all together in one package. It even has the higher risk than venture investment. Many ICO projects are only “blockchain plus”. Normal investors cannot judge if the ICO project is good or not, so I suggest them do not follow suit and hold your bitcoin.

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