BitConnect Coin Surpassing the Ethereum’s Performance

Almost six months ago, when one of the rising UK cryptocurrency based BitConnect platform entered the market with BitConnect Coin (BCC), no one could anticipate that it would be achieving an outstanding success and much faster expansion than that of the world’s top altcoin, Ethereum. The BitConnect Coin has achieved the massive increment in value since November 2016 when its ICO was launched. The rise of the initial market value of $1.84 to the present value of $52.65 (as on June 10, 2017), is the greatest proof underlying this success.

What is BitConnect & Why is it Gaining Popularity?

For beginners and those investors who don’t know, the BitConnect is the P2P, open source and community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency platform that lets investors store and invest their money in a currency that is independent of the governments while earning a handsome profit on their investments.

BitConnect Vs. Ethereum

We have a lot of numbers to demonstrate the supremacy of the BitConnect over Ethereum. The Ethereum launched in 2015, started with the value of $1.71, and reached to $11.53 at the end of the sixth month. If we look at the valuation, we see that BitConnect Coin has gained a massive increase of 1800 percent over the last month, which is the highest rates among its competitors at present.

BitConnect Coin Vs. Ether

Though Ether achieved a rise in value by 2000 percent since the start of 2017, the first six months, after the Ethereum ICO launch, saw a steady rise in the value of around 700 percent. On the other hand, BitConnect Coin achieved a huge rise of 3000 percent in value right at the beginning, while more than 10000 percent increase has been witnessed from its ICO price up till now.

The capped to be achieved in the case of BCC was similar to that of Bitcoin i.e. 28 million units. As BCC keeps seeing the growth, the trend is in line with the records in value and market capitalization, previously announced by the company in the first quarter this year.

The Distinctiveness…

BitConnect Coin, unlike other cryptocurrencies, is not based on centralized exchange platforms. Community members or investors can trade directly, making trading easier and faster than its competitors that require exchange platforms for trading.

What’s coming up…

Experts say that if the company successfully maintains the current value growth rate, the platform is expected to become the best cryptocurrency investment opportunity of the year, followed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. If you are interested to know more about BTC or want to become an investor, visit In addition, BCC can also be traded on Nova Exchange

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