Blockchain-Powered Green Energy Startup WePower Announces Platform Launch and Fundraiser

Cynthia Turcotte · August 17, 2017 · 7:00 pm

Gibraltar-based green energy exchange platform WePower is now accepting fundraising registrations as the company gears up for its upcoming launch. The WePower pre-launch fundraiser is similar to a crowdfunding campaign, offering contributors the first chance to receive WePower tokens, in return for Ethereum contributions.

[Note: This is a press release.]


A percentage of the clean energy produced and traded over the WePower platform will be allocated to energy tokens and stored in a smart contract. The WPR digital currency will be tokenized energy stored in a smart contract and accrued with the growth of WePower platform.

WePower has already secured all partner agreements that would facilitate the launch, and all necessary Letters-of-Intent are in place. The Beta version is already live, and another major blockchain update is on the way, which will enable green energy investors to enter the market directly. By purchasing green energy, the platform, investors will finance the development of green energy producers and improve the market in the process.

For some time, most leading scientists have strongly supported the belief that CO2 emissions, brought about through manmade climate change are having a detrimental effect on the world’s climate. These emissions, driven largely by the fossil fuel industry and deforestation, are poised to exacerbate the rise of global temperatures to an unsustainable level by the end of this century. One of the primary solutions to combat this serious problem is through a massive global investment in renewable forms of energy.

WePower is focused on developing a distributed clean energy network based on blockchain and smart contract technologies. It intends to accelerate the shift from a centralized fossil fuel system to a more localized, decentralized clean energy system. The WePower platform connects existing and new renewable energy producers with companies and people willing to switch to clean energy and invest in a 100% renewable future.

Through careful implementation of blockchain technology and smart contracts, WePower is helping solve multiple problems of energy sector at the same time. The platform also brings transparency to the amount of green energy produced, consumed, and how much CO2 emission was reduced in the process. In addition, energy developers cut intermediary commission fees or raise less expensive funds for new start-ups by selling future energy current prices.

As a result, energy consumers benefit from the cheaper future energy and participation in CO2 or other green energy certificate markets. WePower can leverage experience from energy, law, the blockchain, payment systems, security and emerging digital finance industries to develop its platform. In doing so, it will begin to change the way how everyone can earn money by producing, buying and investing in green energy.

WePower Fundraiser

The WePower pre-launch fundraiser is structured as a reward-based crowdfunding campaign, where contributors will receive WePower tokens in return for their Ethereum contributions. Part of the green energy that will be produced and traded on the WePower platform will be assigned to Energy tokens and stored in a smart contract.

Thus, the WPR token will be tokenized energy stored in a smart contract and which accrues donated energy (i.e. projected green energy production) in the form of energy tokens. WPR token holders can use this energy for their own purposes or trade it on WePower platform at any time. It ensures liquidity option for contributors, especially if contributors are from places where WePower is not connected to the grid yet.

Images courtesy of WePower, Wikimedia Commons

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