BlockPay, the Universal Merchant Payments Solution for Fiat and Cryptocurrency Transactions

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are gradually gaining increased adoption among people across nations. The rate of cryptocurrency adoption is further driven by the recent legalization of Bitcoin by the Japanese government, which is expected to be followed by other countries soon.

In spite of these developments, cryptocurrency trading activities make up for a majority of the transactions across various blockchains. The use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an exchange of value, for everyday transactions are yet to pick up, which is mainly due to the lack of widespread cryptocurrency acceptance among businesses. While some business owners still have apprehensions about accepting cryptocurrencies due to its volatile nature, there are others unable to do so due to lack of proper tools. BlockPay intends to change this by offering a simple, easy to use, and free platform that enables merchants and businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The Munich, Germany-based payment solutions platform provides a way for merchants to accept a variety of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and other Smartcoins. Apart from the standard cryptocurrencies it also allows businesses to manage Loyalty Points, eReceipts, etc. The BlockPay platform itself is built using IPFS powercore, which enables it to be blockchain agnostic. The very thing also makes connecting almost any cryptocurrency wallet to the platform easier.

BlockPay can easily integrate with existing Point of Sale systems, work with online platforms and even as a standalone application. In addition, the platform will also ensure security by preventing fraud, ID theft, chargebacks, etc., something made easier by blockchain assets. And, the zero fees charged by BlockPay makes it even more attractive.

BlockPay recently conducted an ICO to make the platform a reality. The crowdsale carried out in association with CCEDK’s OpenLedger offered an opportunity for the investors to become part of the project by purchasing Blockpay tokens.

Some of the BlockPay’s features include Automated Bookkeeping, Loyalty and Reward Programs, Customer Analytics, QR Code and NFC support and more. It also seamlessly supports traditional payment options like cash, credit and debit cards as well.

BlockPay boasts of helping over 60.000 Odoo businesses across the world, and the adoption is expected to increase even further with time.

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