Brickblock, a Smart Contract Driven Investment Platform

Since the inception of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency community has grown exponentially. Thanks to the increased adoption of Bitcoin and the rising use cases for its underlying blockchain technology, there are a number of new projects out there in the market solving various problems.

With the rise in the number of crypto-platforms, it has become increasingly harder to manage them all. At the same time, most of the solutions offered by these platforms are not for real-world scenarios and only involve virtual assets.Brickblock has come up with a solution that makes life a lot easier for cryptocurrency holders, traders, and institutional investors.

Brickblock is the first project to create an infrastructure platform to connect real-world assets and cryptocurrencies. The platform makes investing easier for existing cryptocurrency-only users as well as those who don’t wish to deviate from the conventional financial instruments to play in both fields.

Built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, Brickblock enables investors to expand their crypto portfolios to tangible investments that provide a safe store of value. They can do so by investing in real world assets like ETFs and Real Estate Funds with regular payouts. Further, the platform enables diversification of cryptocurrencies in one transaction. Users on the platform are issued unique tokens for each real asset purchased, allowing them and them only, to access safely stored assets in a trust.

Through Brickblock, investors and vetted fund managers have multiple investment portfolios, each with its own smart contract, all governed by a parent contract. Fund managers can manage their clients’ portfolio by accessing and setting certain parameters on the Brickblock ecosystem to create custom contracts. These contracts will be included into the DApp and clients can verify the parameters and its affiliated parent contract by comparing the checksum. More details can be found in Brickblock’s technical whitepaper.

The platform makes it profitable for everyone involved in the ecosystem by providing Brickblock Token holders the right to get a lifetime of weekly Access Tokens. The tokens can also be traded on the platform or other exchange platforms.

Brickblock is in the process of making a legally binding connection between token holders and the underlying assets on a global scale. With Brickblock enabled infrastructure, people irrespective of their geographical location will be able to invest in assets of their choice.

The use of blockchain technology not only allows the platform to achieve global reach but it also drastically reduces the transaction times and makes investing more cost efficient. The Brickblock Token Sale is scheduled to go live on August 2, 2017.

More information about Brickblock is available on the platform’sofficial website.

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