BTC.Com Joins Forces with Kraken, Enables Bitcoin Purchase on Its Wallet

A leading Bitcoin wallet service provider, has recently announced a new feature addition to its Bitcoin wallet. Its users can now purchase Bitcoin from within the application.

In order to provide its customer, the new feature, has entered into a partnership with another trusted name in the cryptocurrency industry, Kraken. With the integration of Kraken Direct service, users will now be able to purchase the digital currency by making ACH bank transfers. While this new service offers added convenience to the cryptocurrency users, it is currently limited to those from 49 US states.

In the announcement, mentions that the integration with Kraken Direct service is just the beginning and the company will soon expand the feature to other countries in the world as well. To keep up with its promise, the company will probably forge new partnerships with other regional players outside of the United States.

In an email sent out to all the existing wallet users, the company provides detailed instructions on using the new feature. As per the instructions, users can successful execute the transaction to purchase any required amount of bitcoin within minutes. In order to initiate the fund transfer, users will have to create an account with Glidera, the only purchase method supported at the moment.

Users can purchase Bitcoin by selecting the “Buy Bitcoin” option on their wallet’s sidebar. Once selected, they will be required to select their region (supported in the United States only) followed by the payment option — Glidera. If the user already has a Glidera account, he/she can directly log into it. Otherwise, they can easily create a new account. Once logged in, they can choose the amount of Bitcoin they want to buy (in BTC or USD) and execute the payment over ACH.

The funds will appear after the approval of ACH transaction, which might take anywhere between 3-4 days, following which they will get the bitcoins credited to their account. The cryptocurrency purchase option included in wallet definitely makes the whole process of buying Bitcoin easier. But the waiting period is something that needs to be improved. It will be great if starts offering Credit and Debit Card payment option, which could cut down the time to less than an hour.

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