CNBC, Roubini Veteran Ash Bennington Joins CoinDesk as First-Ever Markets Lead

Former CNBC reporter and Roubini EconoMonitor editor-in-chief Ash Bennington has officially joined CoinDesk as its first-ever full-time cryptocurrency markets lead.

With the hire, Bennington brings a depth of economics and finance experience that CoinDesk believes will be uniquely valuable as global hedge funds, investment banks and money management firms begin to explore the promise of blockchain technology.

His work has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor,, Business Insider, ZeroHedge, Yahoo Finance and numerous other publications.

“Ash joins CoinDesk at a time when there is a real gap in mainstream reporting on cryptocurrencies and digital assets as an asset class,” said Pete Rizzo, editor for CoinDesk. “In this way, we believe Ash will be an asset to our publication, and to the wider community as it seeks to navigate a fast-moving monetary movement.”

As CoinDesk’s markets lead, Bennington will seek to go beyond the bitcoin and ether prices often quoted in the headlines, exploring the emerging world of crypto hedge funds, token sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

No stranger to the world of emerging technology, Bennington was also an early contributor to CNBC’s NetNet news team, where he was early and influential in helping the company develop a strategy for the internet when it was then an uncertain early technology.

“I’m very excited to join the team at CoinDesk,” Bennington said. “The depth of knowledge, experience and technical skill at CoinDesk is simply unparalleled at any news organization now covering the cryptocurrency space.”

Before his career in journalism, Ash Bennington was a vice president of e-commerce at BB&T, and before that he was an assistant vice-president and technical expert at Credit Suisse.

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Image via Ash Bennington 

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