Coinbase Launches Mobile Push Alerts for Crypto Price Swings

Coinbase is introducing a new push notification feature to alert mobile app users of price swings and market fluctuations in cryptocurrencies supported by the exchange startup.

These automatically generated messages are intended to assist investors and Coinbase clients of real-time market performance without the hassle of shifting between different websites and apps. The startup previously offered price alerts for a limited number of assets.

“Customers asked for real-time price alerts natively in the Coinbase app to address the inconvenience of having to check multiple sources for crypto market information… This makes it tough for them to self-educate on the market,” a Coinbase representative told CoinDesk. “Real-time price alerts available natively in the Coinbase app streamlines access to information that helps customers make more informed investment decisions.”

The alerts will be succinct, according to Coinbase. Only including information regarding the percentage change of price swings, the time duration the fluctuation, and the current token valuation. 

The feature will be combined with the in-app news and asset pages, Coinbase said, and users can opt in and out of the feature and choose which assets to track. It was developed internally. 

In the past, Coinbase has introduced services such as their watchlist to customize how market data is presented on its dashboard and on the app.

The firm expects to expand price alerts to include assets that aren’t currently tradeable on Coinbase. The exchange currently supports 22 digital assets. 

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Source: Coindesk