Craig Wright Craves the Spotlight, Claims he Will Make Bitcoin Scale to Become a Global Network

Most Bitcoin users know all too well who Craig Wright is. He still claims to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, which is still untrue at this point. A company which used Wright’s research is now sold to a private equity firm. That is rather intriguing, although it is evident this company continues to ride Bitcoin’s coattails. Craig Wright is trying to get his share of the spotlight once again.

This particular business deal puts an interesting light on Craig Wright. Although he firmly believes he created Bitcoin, the rest of the world is not impressed by his evidence so far. It is evident Wright wants to remain a key part of Bitcoin moving forward. Whether or not he will succeed in that mission, remains to be seen. According to Wright, Bitcoin needs to be built into a global system with no king. Not the most shocking statement by any means.

Craig Wright Remains Persona Non-Grata

Craig Wright feels he can make Bitcoin scale to what it is supposed to be. That statement is rather significant, considering scaling has been a lingering issue for some time now. Now that nChain Holdings has been sold to a private equity firm, it is possible Wright may focus more on Bitcoin again. Interestingly enough, nChain Holdings is Wright’s company used to file hundreds of Bitcoin patents. Selling that off to a private equity firm seems a very dubious decision, to say the least.

This new business deal won’t do the reputation of Craig Wright any favors, though. Filing Bitcoin patents has made him a somewhat despised figure in the community. Additionally, failing to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto tarnished his credibility. It is evident he has some good intentions regarding Bitcoin, but he struggles to make a mark. If he was the real Satoshi, he could easily use that name to address these issues. However, he wants to do so under his actual name. Something isn’t adding up in this regard, that much is evident.

The Bitcoin community is not too pleased with Craig Wright, for obvious reasons. Now that he tries to get the spotlight again, that situation won’t change anytime soon. For the time being, Craig Wright is still not Satoshi Nakamoto. It is highly doubtful he can ever prove otherwise. Even if he did, it won’t matter all that much to the overall Bitcoin community, though. The development of Bitcoin has been “outsourced” many years ago. If Wright wants to make a comeback, he should do so under Satoshi’s name. However, it is doubtful he can, since they are not the same person.

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