CreditBit Daily Trade Volumes Close to Crossing the $1.5Million Mark

The cryptocurrency platforms these days are a dime a dozen. While a new altcoin makes it into the market every other day, only a handful of them remains as they tend to solve a real-world problem among other things.

CreditBit is one such cryptocurrency which has been around for a while and presents a promising future for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications. The sustained development of the platform, with timely upgrades by the CreditBit team, has started showing results.

Like a handful of well-established cryptocurrencies, CreditBit tokens (CRB) has gained the confidence of the cryptocurrency community, who are now investing in them. The cryptocurrency platform has crossed a new milestone regarding daily trading volumes. For the first time, the 24 hour volumes of CRB tokens has crossed $1.5 million.

The CreditBit platform, since its upgrade to Credit 2.0 has consistently been registering significant progress, both in terms of the cryptocurrency’s value as well as the development of its ecosystem. Currently, with a market capitalization of over $9.2 million, the cryptocurrency is biding its time to breach the $10 million mark.

Today has been a great day for CreditBit as the digital currency’s value increased by 26.6% to trade at $0.77 per token. With over 11.8 million CRBs in circulation, the cryptocurrency is trading on some of the popular exchange and trading platforms like Livecoin, DABTC, CryptoDao and more.

The growth in CreditBit’s value is expected to continue in the wake of its tremendous growth and acquired stability.

The Credit 2.0 is much more than just a cryptocurrency platform. It also includes various blockchain powered applications that are driven by CRB tokens. Apart from CreditBit, other parts of the Credit 2.0 ecosystem include CreditDAO, CreditGAME, CreditIDENTITY and CreditBAY.

The recent increase in CreditBit token’s value is an indicator of the platform’s increasing maturity levels. As the platform continues to grow in terms of adoption and applications, the price of CRB is expected to go further upwards.

CreditBit currently presents an excellent opportunity for cryptocurrency community members to invest in it. While short-term investments in CRB are profitable, those willing to hold on to it for longer duration could eventually benefit a lot, just like the way ones who bought Bitcoin in early days ended up becoming millionaires in under a decade.

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