Creditbit Price Falls, Community Remains Unfazed

Creditbit has finally succumbed to the current Crypto market trend of crypto prices falling. The Cryptocurrency prices are down and especially the altcoins or anything associated with Ethereum has taken a huge hit. Creditbit is also affected as CRB price has fallen to down to $0.79.

The community remains assured of CRB’s recovery on price charts and believes that this is a good time to buy CRB for potential investors as the price drop is probably a result of the new investors panic dumping the crypto.

Moreover, as noted by a community member, ‘the ball is in the Bitcoin field this week, Eth is also low’. The Bitcoin price has fairly stabilized now and is staying strong over $2,700 for a while now, making it difficult for the alternative assets in the market.

The CRB price, though down, is not at a bad position at all. The price has taken a hit but CRB’s volume remains solid, which is sure to help it bounce back in no time. Contributing to the majority of volume is DABTC. The CRB/CNY pair is leading the volume for Creditbit at $189,020. The contributing factors to such heavy volume from the Chinese market are speculated to be the weakening situation of CNY, and also their interest in the upcoming CreditGAME and CreditBAY features.

Though the market is volatile right now, CRB holders can still earn some extra coins through CreditBOND. There have been many queries regarding CreditBOND on Bitcoin Talk as it continues to attract the interest of new community members. CreditBOND is a locking process for tokens in a smart contract for rewards which can range from 1% – 12% per year. CreditBOND process is simple and is explained here and there is also a YouTube video explaining the process in detail. More information can be accessed regarding the process on the official website and the Whitepaper.

For the people worried about the inflation of CRB, it is one of the most stable coin in  supply out of all inflationary currencies and assets as it has a much lower inflation rate compared to both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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