Creditbit Volume Doubles in a Week; Price also Gaining Steam

Creditbit holders should definitely rejoice with the crypto’s current status. Things are going good for Creditbit and the community’s trust in the project is definitely paying off. The coin’s price is steadily picking up, and the trading volume has practically doubled over the course of a week.

The current trading volume of USD 607,609 is almost double of the volume at the starting of the last week, which was USD 325,000. The price is also gaining a steady steam and is currently at USD 0.72, making it the best time to be investing in Creditbit for any prospective holders.

The Creditbit dev team’s efforts and the community’s support seem to be paying off as the project continues to gain more credibility. The dev team is putting its best efforts in the project’s development and has recently deployed important features like CreditIDENTITY and are ready with CreditDAO. The interesting features like CreditGAME etc. are also the part of the reason for the growing popularity of the coin that is just waiting to explode.

The Ethereum pairing with CRB is leading the volume for Creditbit. By the looks of it, more and more people are actively trading CRB against ETH at the moment. As the ranking stands at the time of writing, the majority of the trading volume is originating from Livecoin, followed by DABTC. The CRB/ETH pair is drawing the volume of $340,421, followed by the CRB/CNY (DABTC) pair at USD 143,729; and third stands the CRB/BTC pair on Livecoin with the volume of $63,294.

Further, Creditbit is slowly inching closer to its goal of $10m market cap. The community has been recently restless with speculations regarding the targeted market cap, but now these speculations appear to be well supported by the coin’s increasing price and trade volume.

Finally, the positive news making its way towards the Creditbit community does not make the dev team or the community complacent in any way. The dev team is working as hard as ever to deliver everything that has been promised to the coin holders. Moreover, the dev team has also promised to deliver something big in the coming weeks. This announcement only increases the excitement that has built around the project!

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Source: Newsbtc