Creditbit’s Future Looks Promising in the Light of Current Trends

Going by the current trend for Creditbit, the future of the crypto looks quite promising. Creditbit is continuing its positive run and is speculated to cross many more milestones. The current statistics for CRB are nothing short of impressive. The trading volume is well past 1m USD, and the market cap has crossed the $15m milestone. The market cap is well beyond the target of $10m which was being speculated last week; this only goes on to show the meteoric growth that the coin has seen in such a short span of time.

Creditbit is showing a promising trend and building up the credibility regarding its positive future. The coin has managed to buck even the current cryptocurrency market trends which show a tumble that the prices have taken in the past 24 hours, as opposed to CRB which seems to be going just about fine.

Creditbit’s recovery from its earlier price decline has boosted the holders’ confidence and also made them more hopeful about its future. The recent momentum and the volume spike against ETH saw heavy gains in CRB/ETH pair on Livecoin. The volume which was initiated by the CRB/ETH went through the roof following CRB/BTC launch on Bittrex, spurred further on by the Bitcoin volatility in the previous 24hrs. This spells good news for CRB’s future as the crypto markets continue to be volatile and investors keep on looking to diversify their portfolios.

The Creditbit community is also rapidly growing as the positive trends around the crypto attract more and more traction. Every coin needs a strong community to support it and as is evident by the strong belief that the community has in the Creditbit project, the support for the project is only going to grow in the future. The project which has managed to pique the interest of investors and critics alike sure seems to have a bright future ahead.

Finally, the Creditbit dev team is a hard-working lot, which has promised many radical features to the community regarding the project. Features like CreditIDENTITY and CreditDAO already have the community’s attention. Further, features like CreditGAME are not just awaited within the community but are also expected to garner the attention of prospective investors in big markets like China.

Therefore, with the current positive trends and the increased market cap, it is clear the popularity that CRB seems to enjoy is not going to be short lived. This bodes well for the crypto’s future. Further, with more and more features being rolled out by the dev team to further develop the project, and a new development roadmap on its way, the project’s future sure seems exciting!

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