Crypto Improvement Fund Replacing Legacy Payment Processors with Its Unique Model, Announces ICO

Bitcoin PR Buzz · October 4, 2017 · 12:15 pm

The Crypto Improvement Fund is a Canadian project looking to get businesses involved with digital currencies. The market is slowly growing, with the cryptocurrency market valued at around $150 billion and constantly growing.

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Getting Businesses to Adopt Cryptocurrency

Crypto Improvement Fund CEO Scott Douglas

The founder of the fund, Scott Douglas, commented regarding the current situation:

Although certain businesses adopt cryptocurrency for B2C (business to customer) transactions, the list of participating businesses is regrettably small (roughly 100,000). Although this may seem like a large number – worldwide this is a fraction of total potential adoption. In a B2B (business to business) market – although research is not as sound on this topic. One can assume cryptocurrencies hold marginal if any reasonable transaction volume at all.

The project looks to incentivize businesses that adopt digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with their CIF asset, which also functions as a marketing tool and customer loyalty program. The CIF has use cases on and off the CIF platform.

For example, CIF will offer business Bus.Create, a way to create custom blockchains. The blockchains could be used for anything.

Our goal is to arm businesses with the information and tools to look at Crypto as a means to eliminate pain points and high fees, as is seen all too often with traditional payment processing systems. Too many companies focus on the product as opposed to the information, knowledge, and education of the applications generating the ROI which is tied to the product.

About the Crypto Improvement Fund ICO

The CIF project will also have a three-stage ICO, with the first stage starting October 1st. Of the maximum 125 million tokens, 85 million will be sold in the first stage, 30 million in the second, and the last 10 million being sold in stage three. 15 million CIF tokens will be set aside for the bounty program, which will be distributed once the ICO campaign is over.

The funds will be used for R+D as well as marketing, with the remaining 20% on legal fees and team salaries.

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Images courtesy of Crypto Improvement Fund

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