CryptoAds’ Public Crowdsale Kicks off With an Announcement of the New Hardware Wallet

As virtually everyone in the crypto world knows, one of the most critical and persistent issues plaguing the space is wallet security. Problems abound: phishing, fraud, theft, hacking – all of these risks have to be taken into account by cryptocurrency holders. Experts estimate that more than a billion dollars have been stolen from crypto wallets just since the beginning of 2018. The best possible solution to these threats is a hardware wallet, which users have full control over, and this is just what’s being offered by a pioneering blockchain digital advertising distribution hub CryptoAds Marketplace.

The platform ensures its customers’ peace of mind by supplying them with a small device that they can store in a safe place or carry with them. The new hardware wallet will be protected with an encoded private key secured with a user-defined alpha-numeric password and will connect to a computer via Bluetooth. In the future, all users holding more than USD 200 in their accounts will be offered hardware wallets for free. The device will also be given as a gift to any CryptoAds token holder who buys more than USD 200 worth of CRAD tokens during the company’s ongoing Initial Coin Offering, which has now entered its public sale stage.CryptoAds Marketplace is creating the digital advertising world in which consumers can choose to look at targeted advertising and distributors are paid directly by brands to host their ads without endless brokerage fees that guzzle budgets. The platform enables marketers to roll out dynamic digital advertising strategies by giving them diverse branding opportunities in a wide variety of multimedia formats across an unlimited number of platforms.

CryptoAds gives advertisers the opportunity to share native videos or in-app mobile ads, standard video clips, vertical and 360 video ads, offer walls, or any other digital advertising delivery system directly to websites and apps. Co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi, and TimeBox, Jason Hung, who is also a CryptoAds advisor, says that he sees a lot of potential in the project’s capability to deliver for every stakeholder.

“It’s a system that benefits all of the players,” he explains. “Advertisers can readily find quality publishers for their content, while website owners and other distributors can provide audience stats directly to potential marketers. At the same time, users engage only with the content they’re interested in. CryptoAds is paving the way of the future for digital advertising delivery, and I anticipate it will achieve increasing profitability for everyone who participates as the platform rolls out. And with their state-of-the-art hardware wallet, they are making the space safe and secure for all participants – something that is guaranteed to make users happy.”

CryptoAds Marketplace is the brainchild of the same people behind the popular CallFreeCalls (CFC) VOIP app that offers free voice and text services for users, which is paid for by various sponsors. The original CFC platform, which has over 7 million users worldwide, will be ported over to the blockchain paradigm, making the B2C aspect of the project a truly symbiotic system that allows app users and gamers to accept various offers from advertisers in exchange for engaging with advertising content. That means users can access other services like video content or in-game products or the ability to level-up in their favorite game in exchange for watching ads made available through the CryptoAds dashboard. The platform will also feature a software development kit (SDK) that third parties can download in order to integrate CryptoAds into their own apps, so they can provide the same service for their users and receive rewards in return.

Blockchain technology has allowed the team to up their game in the digital advertising distribution arena, since they can now integrate transparent smart-contract technology that pretty much puts an end to the need for intermediary brokers, who often take the lion’s share of a campaign’s budget before distributors are even paid, while virtually eliminating the opportunity for fraud. Their system will allow all of the players to rate one another, based on performance and value of offers. Advertisers and distributors can then make informed choices about which offers they wish to engage with.

The project is driven by the CRAD utility token, which is currently available for purchase via an open public sale, which will run until July 16. CryptoAds founder and CEO, Oleksii Vinogradov, says that they chose to hold the ICO in order to expand their user base, to continue to develop and scale their product, and to finally and definitively address the major security threats faced by the community.

“It’s an exciting process to undertake,” he says. “We are just now launching our public ICO, and we’ve already received many offers to form strategic partnerships with various other blockchain companies that share our vision and could help our product’s positioning in the market. This tells me that what we’re offering will fill a critical gap in the ecosystem.”

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