DAO.Casino Collaborates with Changelly, Simplifies Purchase of BET Tokens

Bitcoin PR Buzz · July 19, 2017 · 7:30 pm

Decentralized online gambling protocol, DAO.Casino is now working in partnership with Changelly cryptocurrency exchange to streamline the purchase of DAO.Casino’s native BET tokens, for its users. The new collaboration aims to enable players to buy DAO.Casino’s BET tokens instantly from within the platform.

[Note: This is a press release.]

DAO.Casino Collaborates with Changelly

DAO.Casino’s collaboration with Changelly is representative of its belief that industry partnerships such as this one are crucial to the growth and success of blockchain enterprises. The company believes that through the building of this partnership it will gain more trust among stakeholders and improve convenience for all of its user-base.

DAO.Casino has undertaken numerous other working relationships over the last few years, which they will aim to continue while strengthening current relationships at the same time. Their most recent partnership with Changelly will make it simpler for them to integrate an exchange service on their platform and allow users to instantly purchase native BET tokens on the platform, with a more straightforward, easy process.

The new changes will help users avoid the more time-consuming, multi-step process of purchasing BET tokens on other exchanges and then transferring them to their corresponding wallets. Changelly offers an exchange service which provides a simple process of trading various cryptocurrency tokens and provides security, as well as the best available rates.

DAO.Casino platform offers multiple betting titles without the need for a trusted third party. It is a decentralized governance system built on top of Ethereum blockchain, instantly rewarding developers, auditors and community members for their investment. Users of the open ecosystem can play various titles over front end platforms with an intuitive user interface, without any chance of illegitimate losses.

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