$10 Million: Ethereum.com Domain Name zum Verkauf

Fancy owning the domain name Ethereum.com? Better start counting the pennies.

Laut Bloomberg, the high-value domain has now been listed for sale on the Uniregistry marketplace for “um $10 million.

Commenting on the news, domain investor Ammar Kubba told the news source that cryptocurrency is thebiggest trendin the domain industry, and that related domains have grown in valuemuch much faster than other names.

Kubba added that, just a few months ago, he paid $800 for the InsideCoins.com domain, and that it had already tripled in value.

Ron Jackson, editor and publisher of Domain Name Journal, told Bloomberg that the recentunfettered euphoriaaround cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is similar to the period just before the dot-com crash that occurred around 2001.

Das $10 million asking price for Ethereum.com, if it is achieved, will put other domain sales this year in the shade.

Im vergangenen Monat, a domain name investor, Sharjil Saleem, closed a $2 million sale of ETH.com, according to Domain Name Journal. Laut der Website, that figure makes it the second most valuable domain sale so far in 2017, putting it just below Fly.com, which sold for $2.89 Millionen Mai.

Zurück in 2014, the domain name BitcoinWallet.com was sold to an Austin-based entrepreneur, Alex Charfen, zum $250,000.

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Quelle: Coindesk

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