Apptrade bietet eine Plattform für Investoren und App-Entwickler gemeinsam die Gewinne des Erfolgs Reap

Mobile applications play a huge role in our everyday lives. As the number of people using mobile phones continues to increase, so does the number of apps and the economy surrounding it. The whole business around mobile apps has got a name for itself, the “App Economy.” The overnight rise of apps like Instagram is a good example of their potential to make money for those behind it. The creators of Apptrade, recognizing the potential of mobile apps have created an ecosystem that allows apps, its developers and investors to work towards the collective growth of the ecosystem while reaping benefits in the process.

Better known as the “Kickstarter for Apps on the Blockchain,” Apptrade creates portfolios of apps in such a way that the success of even a single app in the collection leads to a collective rise in the value of all the portfolio apps. Supported by OpenLedger, Apptrade makes use of APPX tokens to harness the power of blockchain technology. Investors can buy into the app portfolios by purchasing the APPX tokens. By virtue of purchasing the tokens, they will be providing the portfolio apps with much-needed funds for development and marketing. Im Gegenzug, the APPX token holders stand to get a share of the revenues generated by the applications.

All apps that are added to the Apptrade portfolios undergo due diligence to ensure their compliance with minimum eligibility criteria. Once the apps’ eligibility is verified, they can either be added to an existing or a new portfolio. The app portfolio marketplace can be accessed on OpenLedger DEX which keeps a record of all transactions involving the apps on the blockchain. Ebenfalls, a set of analysis tools allows both potential and existing investors to keep track as well as forecast the performance of these portfolios, in turn enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their investment.

Developers stand to benefit from the decentralized, transparent arrangement provided by Apptrade as it makes it easier for them to access funds, run cross promotions and gain visibility in the market. Mit anderen Worten, Apptrade creates “communities” of mobile applications in the form of portfolios, where each app contributes to a common resource pool and leverage on each other’s strengths to achieve a collective growth. The use of cryptocurrency technology makes such a model transparent, efficient and democratic for everyone to share risks and rewards. Irrespective of whether the app is small or big, all apps on Apptrade stand an equal chance to succeed.

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