BCH Neue Combo: Bull Erschöpfung mit begrenztem Verlust?

Bitcoin cash is buoyant again today, but some hints of bull exhaustion are starting to show.

Zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung, the bitcoin cash-U.S. Dollar (BCH / USD) Wechselkurs $1,340. As per data from CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency has gained over 9 Prozent im letzten 24 Std..

The gains come after record highs near $2,500 letzte Woche, reportedly due to a flow of money out of bitcoin (BTC) and into alternative protocols following the suspension of a controversial plan to alter the bitcoin’s code. aber, overbought technical conditions pushed prices back to $1,000 gestern.

Immer noch, dust now cleared, yesterday’s pullback looks like nothing more than a normal technical correction, given that trading volumes dropped by 42 Prozent.

Despite the ups and downs, obwohl, the cryptocurrency regained bid tone today, possibly on speculation that a successful outcome for a just-implemented hard fork of BCH may boost the protocol’s appeal as a payment network. Ebenfalls, a detailed look at the individual markets reveals the rally has been fuelled by Korean exchanges offering BCH/KRW pairs.

Das gesagt, the price action analysis indicates some bull market exhaustion, and the downside, wenn überhaupt, is likely to be capped at around $1,000 Ebenen.


Yesterday’s doji candle signals bull market exhaustion. Ein Ende des Tages in der Nähe unten $1,000 would confirm a bearish doji reversal and open the doors for a pullback to $700 Ebenen. The RSI is overbought as well.

Als Ergebnis, a correction looks more likely, but the upward sloping 5-day MA and 10-day MA indicate any dips below $1,000 wahrscheinlich kurzlebig sein.


bullish Szenario: a rebound from the rising trend line followed by a break above $1,549 would add credence to the basing pattern on the RSI and hint at a climb to $2,000 Ebenen.


  • The base appears to have shifted higher to $1,000 Ebenen.
  • A short-term correction is likely, though dips below $1,000 are unlikely to last long.
  • Auf der oberen Seite, a move above $1,549 would revive the bullish move.

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