Bitcoin, Astraleum, Litecoin: Preisanalyse, Oktober, 12

On the eve of the Bitcoin hard fork and reception of Bitcoin Gold, investors saw an opportunity to obtain extra profit and started to convert their assets into the market’s leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin went up, breaking through the psychological level of $5,000. Als Ergebnis, almost all altcoins have dropped in value and are currently at their minimum levels.

Japanese officials had decided to impose regulations on businessmen and investors, thus creating a good environment for startups and cryptocurrency trading. They’ve also made the decision to provide licenses to cryptocurrency stock exchanges, which has already had a positive impact on the crypto assets market.

BTC / USD 12.10.2017


  • Bitcoin broke through the resistance level of $5,000. We now see a new all-time maximum and a possibility to go up to $5,200 und $5,500 Ebenen.
  • Das $4,750 nach $4,850 range can be considered the closest support level. It is where purchases with short-term speculative goals can be made. The estimated resistance level is at $5,500.
  • Possible scenario: Bitcoin can achieve the $5,500 Ebene, sogar $6,000, before investors obtain Bitcoin Gold on October 25. Another possible scenariosmall correction to fix profits may reach the nearest support levels of $4,750.

ETH / USD 12.10.2017

Ende der vergangenen Woche, Ethereum developers had their last meeting before the Byzantium fork, to be held on October 17. Go Ethereum (Geth), their most popular client, has already issued its release. Developers and investors give optimistic forecasts about Ethereum’s future.


  • Ethereum has been in a flat state for the past few days and is now traded in the $282 nach $315 Angebot. This is likely due to the market’s waiting for the news on the network implementation updates.
  • A short-term uptrend has been observed since October 10. As soon as the price passes the $315 Widerstandsniveau, it’ll target the $330 nach $340 Angebot. A strong support level is at the $280 Ebene.
  • Success or problems arising during the implementation of updates determine expectations and further forecasts for the cryptocurrency. Ab jetzt, aber, the most probable scenario is the growth of the market’s second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization.

LTC / USD 12.10.2017


  • Litecoin reached $55 und, unable once again to break through this strong resistance, regained its last week’s level. It is now traded at $52.
  • For LTC, we observe bearish moods, with sales slightly exceeding purchases.

A movement to the $42 nach $45 support range is a very likely scenario, especially if Bitcoin shows local correction signs. An alternative, investors might return to LTC as a hedge asset. In diesem Fall, we might see rapid exit from the the past few weeks’ trading zone towards the $65 Ebene. A break through the resistance zone on increased volumes will be one of the indicators.

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Quelle: Cointelegraph

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