Bitcoin erhält eine eigene Lobby-Gruppe im Deutschen Bundestag

Germany has received its own Bitcoin government lobby group the Bitcoin Bundesverband, the country’s first dedicated to cryptocurrency.

The official founding of the lobby group took place at the German parliament building, the Bundestag, in Berlin Thursday.

“We support the still nascent economic shift centered on the application of decentralized Blockchain technology through expertise, public works and our network,” a statement from press spokesman Radoslav Albrecht states on the group’s website.

“The group is headquartered in Berlin and is organized on a voluntary basis.”

Germany has hitherto had little exposure to Blockchain and crypto-associated innovation, due in part to a mixed legislative landscape.

The status quo is slowly changing, and the presence of the Bundesverband in the heart of Germany’s political center could well be cause for celebration.

The effort is spearheaded by various German Bitcoin business figures including Oliver Flaskämper from, Germany’s first regulated marketplace.

The collective has in fact existed for several years in various forms.

Quelle: Cointelegraph

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