Bitcoin-Related Jobs Booming Zusammen mit Bitcoin

International employment marketplace Freelancer has noted that Bitcoin-related jobs are the highest growers, schlagen 82 percent growth in the third quarter alone.

Work relating to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and other related markets is skyrocketing as the cryptocurrency currency heads towards the mainstream, pulling in more and more to feed the ecosystem.

The company’s periodic report tracks top trends in online jobs based on the listings on its platform.

ICO boom

Freelancer notes that a lot of the growth is coming from companies that are looking for freelancers to design new coins, essentially helping them launch ICOs.

People are getting freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies,” Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer, sagte.

One of the main skills for which companies are looking is the ability to manage an ICO. ICOs have been seen to be highly lucrative, and many are popping up all over the place. aber, recent regulations have slowed down the frenzy.

It is not only the developers and designers of these new coins that are in such high demand for new ICOs according to Freelancer. Employers are looking for people to create new cryptocurrencies but also to write proposal plans for technologies employing Blockchain.


The related field of cryptography saw the number of job listings rise 59 percent in the third quarter, according to Freelancer. Cryptography is essentially the underlying theory upon which the Blockchain and by extension Bitcoin is based.

It is not only useful in cryptocurrency, but it is also a skill that has played a significant role in Internet security and privacy.

Job quality

Not only is their a higher demand for crypto-workers, but the jobs on offer are also decidedly better than most in a similar field.

A report done in September found cryptocurrency jobs pay, im Durchschnitt, 10 nach 20 Prozent mehr als die Industrienorm. Des Weiteren, sie bieten bessere Leistungen.

Zweite, Kryptowährung Unternehmen haben weitaus flexiblere Telearbeit Vergünstigungen. Eigentlich, innerhalb Kryptowährung Unternehmen, Mitarbeiter 22 Prozent wahrscheinlicher, Fernarbeits Freiheit zu haben,.

Dritte, cryptocurrency companies and especially ICOs offer far superior liquidity options. Typische Aktienpositionen erfordern ein Liquiditätsereignis, um verkauft und haben komplexe Einschränkungen zu. ICOs bieten in der Regel Mitarbeiter Münzen als Teil Aktienpositionen. Während diese Münzen haben immer noch einige Einschränkungen, sie sind weit mehr Flüssigkeit, die Optionen.

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Quelle: Cointelegraph

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