Bitcoin Scaling: SegWit Pässe Emergent Consensus At Last

Bitcoin miners are now signaling more commonly than ever for Segregated Witness than Emergent Consensus.

Zum ersten Mal, SegWit miner support inched past Emergent Consensus, another name for Bitcoin Unlimited, to take 41.6 percent support Tuesday.

The gap has now increased slightly to 42 percent for SegWit versus 41.5 percent for Emergent Consensus according to data from Coin Dance.

Explizite Mining Pool Unterstützung durch Vorschlag

Insgesamt, the percentage of support for SegWit2x code, which would all but guarantee SegWit activation in the near future, steht bei 85 Prozent.

Regarding blocks mined in the past 24 Std., each total is correspondingly slightly higher: 43.8 percent Emergent Consensus, 45.1 percent SegWit and 87.5 percent overall SegWit2x signaling.

The major Bitcoin scaling options have meanwhile continued their tumultuous journey to acceptance or rejection in the weeks following the Consensus conference in New York last month.

A group of Chinese miners known as the China Bitcoin Roundtable recently met in Chengdu to formalize their cooperation to bring about SegWit and end the debacle.

As a nod to the difficulty seen in bringing about any form of consensus on the issue, a typo in the summary of the meeting contained an activation date of June 31, a date which does not exist.

Quelle: Cointelegraph

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