Chinese Exchange-Okcoin Fügt Astraleum Handels, Anrufe für Bitcoin Consensus

Chinese exchange Okcoin has announced it will launch Ethereum (ETH) trading from Wednesday.

In a post on its website this morning, the exchange said the decision was the result of “two years […] constantly reviewing the viability of listing ETH and ETC based on factors including technical maturity, Innovation, market liquidity and compliance.”

Trading will go live at 10:00 p.m. local time on May 31.

“Hundreds of applications are now built on Ethereum and a growing number of applications are using smart contracts run on the Ethereum Blockchain,” it continued in support of the decision, also highlighting the major business power behind the recently-formed Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Gleichzeitig, Okcoin took the opportunity to call on the wider Bitcoin community to reach a consensus and implement a corresponding solution to the scaling debate.

„…We implore BTC Core developers and relevant Miners to work together and resolve any outstanding technical issues, activate SegWit and solve BTC’s scaling issues,“Der Austausch fortgesetzt.

“No matter how dominant, wie vielen Marktanteil Sie haben, wenn Sie nicht über die neueste Technologie übernehmen und nicht ständig zu verbessern auf der Benutzer Value Proposition Kern, time will pass you by.”

Fellow Chinese operator BTCChina’s CEO Bobby Lee announced May 27 that users had voted to add Ethereum Classic (ETC) to the exchange as its next currency.

Quelle: Cointelegraph

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