Cointelegraph Jetzt bringt Bitcoin, Fintech Nachrichten direkt auf portugiesischsprachigen Publikum

Cointelegraph is launching a dedicated version of our website, translating every article into Portuguese.

The growth of interest towards Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology is not limited to English-speaking countries. That means that the vast audiences in other parts of the worldincluding such countries as Brazil and Portugalneed news outlets produced entirely in their local languages.

Daniel Seman, the Head of Franchise and Region Development at Cointelegraph, Bemerkungen: “I’m very glad that our website is now available to over 250 mln new Portuguese-speaking readers from Brazil, Portugal and many countries of Africa.”

Shortly, Cointelegraph will launch in even more different languages, so stay tuned!

Quelle: Cointelegraph

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