Creditbit Ruft in FAQs im neuesten Update

Creditbit project is steadily growing as is evident by the strong volume and the increased market cap of CRB. What is expanding simultaneously is the Creditbit community. The new members can be spotted on Creditbit threads on various forums, understandably trying to get a better hang of the project. Many questions have been asked by them in the last few days, and the dev team recently posted an update on Bitcoin Talk answering the major questions that have been put forth by them.

One of the major concerns among the new members has been regarding the basics including the status of CRB as a token. The dev team cleared up in the update that CRB is a Token, ein digitales Asset, deployed on Ethereum Blockchain as a Standard ERC20 Smart Contract.

The second major point of discussion was for the longtime community members. The dev team made clear that Migration of old CRBIT is no longer technically possible. Deswegen, the swap is not possible anymore and repeatedly requesting the dev team to make an exception is just a waste of time.

Des Weiteren, the new members were made clear that development team in no way can influence the market or trading, except for announcing news about development on public channels. The dev team is dedicated to developing the project and does their best at their end, therefore blaming them for CRB price is naïve as the market is driven by many external factors which in no way can be controlled by them. The dev team also cleared up that the reason behind their names not being public is the issue of harassment.

Endlich, the issue of CreditBOND was taken up as there have been many queries regarding the matter. The update cleared up that CreditBOND is not to be misinterpreted as PoS and can be understood in a greater detail here. The official website and the whitepaper can also be accessed for a better understanding of CreditBOND.

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