Flipz strebt danach, die erste dezentrale E-Commerce-Plattform zu sein

Bitcoin Pressemitteilung:Flipz announces a smart e-commerce platform with blockchain smart contracts

12. Oktober, Moskau, Russland: Based in Russia, a team of dedicated technologists work on a platform that will change e-commerce forever. Flipz will launch their Pre-ICO on October 12th, and will sell tokens to raise funds for their project. The money raised will be used to develop software, pay staff, and market the platform. Flipz will sell a hundred million tokens, with unsold tokens being burnt.

What is flipz

When co-founder Alexei Bobylev was asked what exactly Flipz was, he gave the following answer

„Kurz gesprochen, Flipz ist eine intelligente Marktplatz Plattform mit intelligenten Verträge, ein einzigartiges Bewertungssystem von Anbietern basierend auf blockchain Technologie, und Transaktionen ohne Provision“.

There are many problems in ecommerce today, and it is an industry just waiting to be disrupted. Current leaders in the space are outdated, and do not facilitate smaller vendors. Flipz believes that they are the answer to these problems.


Flipz has a unique monetization strategy, It will not charge any commission and will not have intrusive ads throughout their website. Stattdessen, it will ask users to use their token FLZ for all purchases on the platform. The idea is as the website grows in popularity, the tokens which have a limited supply may rise in price.

Flipz’s primary goal is to solve two issues in the E-commerce industry. The first problem is that up to 50% of the cost of a product is because of promotional costs incurred by the vendor. With a foolproof rating system that cannot be influenced by money and is secured through smart contracts, users can find the best products rather than the ones that spent the most money advertising. This will ultimately lower costs to both the consumer and the vendor, and help encourage small business. It will also make shopping for products much easier, which solves the second big problem in the space.

Current incumbents are not innovating their platforms due to a lack of competition. Flipz is changing this by implementing blockchain technology into their unique project.

Visit The Flipz Website:flipz.io
Read The Flipz Whitepaper: https://ico.flipz.io/files/docs/whitepaper_web.pdf
Flipz on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyiP2GR844L_aWyT0_GtmVw
Bitcointalk ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2222857.msg22444288#msg22444288
Visit the Flipz Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/flipzico

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