Frankreichs Börsenaufsicht positiv interessieren sich für Bitcoin und ICOs

Julio Gil-Thumb · Oktober 9, 2017 · 12:00 pm

Robert Ophèle, the new head of France’s stock market regulatory agency, die AMF, presented his goals, which focus on Bitcoin, anfängliche Münze Angebote (ICOs) Verordnung, and making Paris more attractive for financial investors leaving London as a consequence of Brexit.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Fulfill a Legitimate Business Need

Robert Ophèle detailed his five-year program for the AMF (Authorité Financial Markets), in a recent interview with Herausforderungen.

He noted that the priorities of the AMF program include managing Brexit’s consequences on European markets, enhancing the attractiveness of Paris to the financial world, und eine bessere Regulierung der Bitcoin.

The AMF is an independent French entity responsible for safeguarding investments in financial products, maintaining orderly financial markets, and ensuring that investors receive material information.

Ophèle conceded during the Herausforderungen interview that the amounts involved in the cryptocurrency market are now becoming too significant to ignore.

He also recognized that cryptocurrencies fulfill a legitimate need in the financial markets, acknowledging that “behind the creation of money, there is normally a real economic activity.”

Robert Ophèle

In dieser Hinsicht, Ophèle erklärt:

Es gibt verschiedene Probleme dahinter. Cryptocurrencies kann sehr einfach sein, die Aufnahme von allem, was man vermeiden will: Steuerhinterziehung, Geldwäsche oder Terrorismusfinanzierung. Aber es trifft auch legitimen Bedarf für Geldtransfers in einer schnellen und kostenfreien Art und Weise in der Welt. Die Finanzindustrie verfolgt aufmerksam.

ICO’s to Have Legal Status in France

zusätzlich, he referred to the efforts that the AMF is undertaking to establish a legal framework for the ICOs being developed in France. “We want to have a quick position on the subject, to act without waiting for Europe to deal with the subject because it will be too late regarding investor protection,” Ophèle stated.

Später, Ophèle admitted again in a speech on October 8, 2017, that the legal framework for dealing with ICOs was inadequate in France.

Ophèle pointed out:

The AMF’s services analyzed certain transactions without being able to assign them to an existing legal category; these ICOs do not belong to public offerings of financial securities (which should then give rise to the establishment of a prospectus), participatory financing or intermediation in various forms.

Millions of dollars are streaming into ICOs. Als Ergebnis, cryptocurrencies and ICOs are increasingly attracting the interest of investors and regulators not only in Europe but also in Asia.

Vor kurzem, beispielsweise, Taiwan explicitly conveyed its Bitcoin-friendly sentiments. Speziell, Wellington Koo, Vorsitzender der taiwanischen Finanzaufsicht, pledged that his country would not constrain the developments of ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

Robert Ophèle was appointed Chairman of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers by a decree of the French President on August 1, 2017.

According to Ophèle, the United Kingdom currently hosts the first financial market of the European Union, and Brexit will create a vacuum that will be difficult to fill.

Frankfurt, Dublin, Luxemburg, and other metropolises are already vying to replace London as the European financial capital. By becoming more Bitcoin-friendly, Paris could more decisively overcome the advantages of its competitors.

Do you think that Paris, by becoming more Bitcoin-friendly, can increase its chances to become the new European financial capital?Lassen Sie uns in den Kommentaren unten kennen!

Images courtesy of Pixabay and AMF

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