Lassen Sie sich mit Fiat-Token aufgeteilt. Guarda Portemonnaie gibt die Option Token mit einer Kreditkarte kaufen.

Guarda wallet came to the market with a simple yet innovative idea to make crypto-funds safe and secure. The private keys are securely stored in devices; the exchange process can be implemented inside the wallet interface, and the team recently acquired a trusted partner – Changelly. So, the Guarda wallet became the multi-currency wallet with easy access to all of the tokens seamlessly.

Guarda app allows to manage multiple digital currencies all in one place. The tokens can be bought, transferred and stored in just a single app while facilitating the need to purchase tokens.

The team is unstoppable in making life in the crypto-industry easier, and recently announced a new feature – the ability to buy crypto-assets with fiat currencies by simply connecting your credit or debit card to the wallet

With the support from Wemovecoins, the Guarda wallet operates as a multi-functional lightwallet with the ability to buy cryptocurrencies and ethereum-based tokens with the touch of a finger, using a debit or a credit card.

With Guarda entering the market, users do not have to go through complicated extra-steps to acquire their crypto-assets. The Guarda app combines all the necessary solutions inside: crypto-currency purchasing, token purchasing and currency transferring directly to smart contracts. With all the easy steps, it is finally simple to make any transactions while avoiding the endless sign-ups on different platforms.

“We are very pleased to partner with such a strong market player as Wemovecoins. The clients will be finally provided with a full range of services to use cryptocurrencies, including their acquisition. Außerdem, it will enable to purchase tokens directly from the application using a credit card.” — Ondrej Horaček, Product Manager at Guarda.

“With the expansion of our partner network, we hope to amplify accessibility of the crypto-assets, and we believe that our cooperation with Guarda will be mutually beneficial and helpful to users of the wallet.” — Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt, CEO of WeMoveCoins

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