Menschliche Discovery-Plattform Hit the Self-Improvement und HR Markets · November 10, 2017 · 2:00 pm

The Human Discovery blockchain project will create and monetize the largest database of human behavioral patterns.

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November 10, Moskau, Russland – Human Discovery Platform, a decentralized ecosystem for developing complex methods of behavior analysis announced their upcoming HD-token sale, which will begin on November, 22.

The new ecosystem will let trainers, Trainer, and other skill-oriented experts digitalize and upload their methods of human personality analysis to the blockchain platform and monetize their knowledge. The open source platform for application developers and tech entrepreneurs allows complex algorithms development. The depersonalized data collected by the experts will be open and available for any researches. HDP will be useful for researchers, psychologists, sociologists and also HR departments employees testing purposes.

The HD-token is based on the Ethereum protocol. Tokens will be sold out as utility appliances for the Platform. Nur 100,000,000 HD-tokens will be issued to award token sale contributors. The HD-token will be the main exchange instrument on the Platform.

The HD Platform founders plan to dramatically change the growing market segment of self-improvement. Based on behavior interpretation tests, the HD applications will provide highly personalized recommendations to those interested in living better. The tokens spent by the end customer will be distributed between the author of the method and the node, which runs the analysis code. It is expected that the number of people looking for personalized, data-proven lifestyle recommendations will grow rapidly, leading to the relevant token price raise.

Timur Karimbaev (CEO), Marat Nigametzyanov (Direktor für Marketing und Geschäftsentwicklung) und Sergey Mikhailov (GURREN) are the Human Discovery Platform’s founders. The trio is already running a successful EdTech business named GetCourse which generates $6 million annual revenue. The team is always working on new solutions, and they see an extremely high potential in the segment of self-improvement. Timur Karimbaev personally believes that blockchain will help to collect people’s behavioral patterns to provide recommendations for various areas of human life on the basis of input data.

The Human Discovery Platform team has already launched a pilot application named HD.Dating – a dating service which matches people according to some specific calculations based on their birth date and time. It provides recommendations for individuals on their strengths and weaknesses. Mehr als 15 000 users have registered on the service in a month.

“The team has a product prototype which is already working, a detailed roadmap and over 15 years of extensive experience in IT to launch a project in June 2018”, – says Tomoaki Sato, founder of Startbase and project Advisor. – “The project will create value in the long run and the weight of HD-token will increase, because the market participants will utilize the Platform, because all payments within the Platform are performed using HD-tokens.”

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