HydroMiner Ansätze ICO Fazit mit Rekord-Erfolg

HydroMiner is the new benchmark for Austrian ICOs

Green energy crypto mining startup HydroMiner continues to witness a high subscription to its ongoing H2O token sale, already breaking several records along the way with still more than two days remaining on its ICO.

At the time of writing on 12 November, the HydroMiner ICO has already sold over 958,00 H2O tokens, Erhöhung mehr als 8,000 ETH (currently valued at over USD 2.45 Million) in nur 25 Tage.

This impressive performance places HydroMiner among the successful ICOs to have launched in Austria. It surpasses the USD 2 million raised by Austria’s first ICO (an e-sports betting platform) im Oktober. Austria is establishing itself as a great crypto destination in Europe.

The incredible demand for H2O tokens was apparent even from the opening day of the ICO, which drew in hundreds of participants in the first moments, buying tokens worth a Aufzeichnung 1,874 ETH in only 30 Protokoll.

HydroMiner’s viability makes it an attractive opportunity

It has been apparent from the beginning that the HydroMiner ICO would be one of the most unique opportunities to present itself among blockchain enterprises, with its mission of an eco-friendly hydropower solution aiming to open up the complex world of crypto mining to the public.

With an existing operation providing the basis for profitability projections with real-world comparisons to alternatives such as cloud mining and home mining, the HydroMiner team presents a realistic business plan with a long-term perspective.

Openness and transparency key to huge support

Led by the sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon, the HydroMiner management sets the standard for an open and transparent ICO, with regular face time with its community, through interviews and previews from their facilities. They are one of the very few ICO projects to fully welcome participants and supporters to tour their mining facilities in Austria, ensuring that the project actually exists.

They have also been forward and prompt in informing supporters about developments to HydroMiner, most particularly when the tokenized model of profits was revised to better reflect regulatory compliance.

The Damblons and their team have also been participating in blockchain conferences throughout the year, ensuring that the HydroMiner project’s profile continues to be public, and taking their vision to the masses.

Regulatory assurance for increased confidence and trust

The surge in demand for H2O tokens during the ICO is likely to also be partly owing to HydroMiner’s commitment to ensuring that its operation achieved long-term feasibility in terms of business legitimization and sustainability.

Since the conclusion of the pre-sale, HydroMiner has worked tirelessly to protect its investors by making sure that HydroMiner would be able to operate for many years to come, generating value to every stakeholder, token holder and the local communities it aims to support.

In engaging Austrian legal firm and ICO regulation experts Stadler Völkel, HydroMiner has demonstrated its willingness to be fully prepared to navigate the ever-evolving environment of regulatory, financial and legal frameworks. It recognizes that ICOs are a new tool in finance that must be proactive in complying with often fast-changing regulations.

Participate in one of the year’s most unique ICOs in the lucrative industry of crypto mining

With less than 70 hours remaining, it’s not too late to grab your share of HydroMiner’s H2O tokens at its Token Verkauf Seite. Von dort, all contributors will need to agree to terms and conditions, and whitelist the Ethereum address and emails intended to be used. Non-whitelisted contributions will not be recognized.

Those who contribute from now to 15 November will still benefit from a 5% bonus on all token purchases.

Über HydroMiner, die grüne Kryptowährung Bergbau Start-up

HydroMiner begann das Leben etwas mehr als vor einem Jahr als bescheidene Bergbauanlage betrieben von Schwestern Nadine und Nicole DAMBLON in ihren eigenen Wohnungen in Österreich. It has since grown into a large-scale mining operation powered by carbon-neutral hydro-power stations in the Austrian Alps.

Es war hier, dass sie auf die Idee kam, die Unhaltbarkeit einer zunehmend leistungshungrige Bergbau dank der Lösung exponentiell steigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad. Österreich führt die Welt in erneuerbaren Energien, Erzeugen der meisten erneuerbaren Energien in den EU-Ländern. Zur Zeit, zu Ende 670 run-of-Wasserkraftwerke und 1,800 small-scale hydropower stations generate more than 60% von Österreich Elektrizitäts.

Hydropower is not only cheaper, es führt zu mehr Einsparungen, wenn sie als Teil eines fließenden Flusses auf Wasserbasis Kühlsystem verwendet. Es hat auch eine Kohlenstoff-Fußabdruck 100 mal kleiner als die von herkömmlichen fossilen Brennstoffen.

Die HydroMiner ICO

HydroMiner currently operates two hydropower stations near Vienna, the capital of Austria.

The HydroMiner token sale aims to raise funds to finance an expansion of mining capacity through the rental of more hydropower stations. Sein Zeichen übersetzt Modell wird auch Investoren erlauben, in einem branche erste Initiative in umweltfreundlichen Krypto Bergbau teilnehmen.

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