Freiheit in Nordkorea:, /r / GoldAndBlack-Team für guten Zweck

Liberty in North Korea:, /r/GoldAndBlack Team for Worthy Cause


Reddit online community members join forces to assist in the placement of North Korea’s Hermit Kingdom refugees.

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North Korean refugees need help.

Reddit /r/BTC users were alerted to a new crowdfunding campaign. With various ways offered to spend bitcoin, rarely is there a chance to literally rescue hostages.

Real life. Human hostages.

Freiheit in Nordkorea (”Link”) works directly with refugees, and was chosen by a sister Reddit community, /r/GoldAndBlack, for that very reason.

"Es kostet 3,000 dollars to get them across that 3,000 miles. If we all can raise 3,000 Dollar, we can rescue one refugee,” the post claimed, urging readers to understand North Koreans who take the unbelievable risk are by no means safe in China.

Link is a Long Beach, CA, USA registered non-profit “committed to working with the North Korean people to achieve their liberty. North Korean refugees are vital to this vision because of the role that they can uniquely play in helping to accelerate change inside their country. We work directly with North Korean refugees because of the humanitarian imperative, but also because of their potential as some of the most effective agents of change on this issue.” Freiheit in Nordkorea:, /r / GoldAndBlack-Team für guten Zweck

“If you help,” the announcement ended, “you will be able to put a message with your donation.

“They accept Bitcoin. This is a great example of how Bitcoin can be used to effect positive change in the world.

“Please make sure you include a large-enough tx fee if you donate with cryptocurrency, as if it doesn’t confirm for a while, you might miss out on your donation appearing on the page. Your money will still get to where it needs to go, but your donation message might not appear. This is handled via Bitpay.”

Was denken Sie? Is Link a worthy cause for users? Sagen Sie uns in den Kommentaren unten.

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