PR: CEX.IO geht in Market Expansion und fügt Zcash sein Portfolio

Cex.Io Adds Zcash to Its Portfolio

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The new altcoin will be the 4th cryptocurrency added to CEX.IO’s thoroughly selected crypto portfolio that includes Bitcoin, Astraleum, Bitcoin Geld, and recently added Dash.

London, UK – Zcash, one of the top-20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, is now listed on London-based cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO and is available with 4 Handel Paare: ZEC / USD, ZEC / EUR, ZEC/GBP, and ZEC/BTC.
CEX.IO is a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange serving a range of users from beginners to institutional traders. Now with the partnership ZEC trading is more accessible to UK and European markets. CEX.IO is also unique amongst the largest crypto exchanges to offer funding to and withdrawing from accounts using credit or debit cards.

Zooko Wilcox, ZECC CEO said, “I’m happy to see Zcash added to is a long-standing London-based exchange that serves customers from all over the world, allows you to buy cryptocurrency directly with your credit card, and interestingly allows you to withdraw your cryptocurrency directly to your existing credit [email protected].
With broad coverage all around the world, CEX.IO maintains high security standards and is PCI DSS compliant which guarantees safety of the data provided by customers.

CEO of Alex Lutskevych said,“We at CEX.IO are strict in terms of choosing altcoins for our markets. Zcash functionality and the technology standing behind the coin are a strong background promising the growth. We see it as a successful example of a service built using Bitcoin protocol and adding extra privacy. To meet the strong demand of our users, Zcash market on CEX.IO will be launched with 4 Handel Paare: ZEC / USD, ZEC / EUR, ZEC/GBP, and ZEC/BTC”.

zusätzlich, with consumer demand CEX.IO will add Zcash bundles to the platform, providing a fast way to purchase fixed amounts of ZEC in $100, $200 oder $500 increments via credit or debit cards.

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Mila Nesterenko
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[email protected]

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