PR: Genesis Vision-Plattform für Privat Trust Management Beschreibt ein Ideal ICO

Genesis Vision's Private Trust Management

Dies ist eine bezahlte Pressemitteilung, die enthält zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen, und sollte als Werbematerial behandelt werden. nicht billigen, noch dieses Produkt / Dienstleistung unterstützen. ist nicht verantwortlich für oder Haftung für Inhalte, Genauigkeit und Qualität in der Pressemitteilung.

According to Coinschedule stats, the total amount raised during the ICO in 2017 ist $2,345,301,347. Last year it was just $96,389,917! Its almost 25 times less than during the first 9 months of this year! And the number of ICOs is growing And the number of problems is growing as well, as it’s really hard to sort through this enormous supply of tokens.

How to choose?

1. Always look at the team. The more experience it has, the more chances they won’t fail and won’t put two and two together and make five. Genesis Vision founders have a great experience in developing financial software, and traditional trust money management systems mixed with deep blockchain knowledge. Ruslan and Dmitriy are winners of blockchain contest with financial platform at Then, Aleksey Kutsenko, who is a FinTech Expert at the team, is a CEO of Tools For Brokers, FinTech Unternehmen, which software used by more than 350 companies and brokers all over the world.

2. Always look at the history. What did the company do before the ICO? Genesis Vision project already has a huge potential client base. The existing contacts and clients, thanks to the support provided by Tools for Brokers, allows to link as many brokers and exchanges as possible.

3. Always look at the opinions of industry gurus. Genesis Vision has advisers from financial industry, whose different expertise and experience cover most of obstacles and minor issues the company could face.

4. Always look at the legal issues. Genesis Vision company is incorporated in Ireland. This country is legally loyal for ICOs. Various licensing institution certificated company’s code. Its smart-contracts were successfully audited by Außerdem, the project and ICO were successfully audited by This means that all the team was checked and interviewed, all legal, technical and business plans were audited by FinTech experts. You could read more about our certification here:

5. Always look at the demand during Pre-ICO. It took Genesis Vision two weeks to get the target amount of $2.3 mln orders for ICO option campaign. The Pre-Order was scheduled to end on October, 15th. aber, the demand was so huge that the Genesis Vision team had to make a decision to stop the campaign much earlier.

We think it is a high time for a project like Genesis Vision. Trust money management industry suffer from fraudsters, unfair money managers, hidden processes and strong regulation. The project will destroy borders between all money managers, Makler, investors from every point of the world, due to decentralization. Genesis Vision will bring transparency and stability. New digital generation uses cryptocurrency extensively, so the company will offer them new easy way to invest in a range of different assets in the way the are familiar with – via crypto, like stock markets. The investing process will be carried out in an interactive, easy-to-use yet secure way.
Read more about the project here:

Dies ist eine bezahlte Pressemitteilung. Die Leser sollten ihre eigene Due Diligence, bevor irgendwelche Maßnahmen zu dem beworbenen Unternehmen oder einem ihrer verbundenen Unternehmen oder Dienstleistungen unter. ist nicht verantwortlich, direkt oder indirekt, für Schäden oder Verluste verursacht oder angeblich durch oder im Zusammenhang mit dem Gebrauch oder das Vertrauen auf Inhalte verursacht werden, Waren oder Dienstleistungen in der Pressemitteilung erwähnt.

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