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In the spirit of innovation and community sensitization, the ICO platform has just released an ICO Market Statistics Tool that will empower and equip stakeholders, decision makers and basically anyone in the ICO space with data about the main trends in the ICO space.

The statistics tools give a retrospective insight into the industry, from which a futuristic trend analysis can be extrapolated. The figures, graphs and charts are based on real-time market value and movements thereby presenting immense benefits to members of the community.

The Statistics by Country section groups ICO projects by larger geographical location and their specific country representation. A color gradient is provided here to show the intensity of ICO and cryptocurrency activities that pertains to particular regions of the world. This tool can be used as a gauge of how crypto-friendly a certain region possibly is. The percentage of ICO projects per country are also shown here as well as the total amount realized cumulatively by projects per national distribution.
Projects are also categorized by way of Calendar Year and also narrowed down to the month of the end of the crowdsale. The amounts raised by individual projects are indicated on this page and the cumulative capitals raised by projects are represented both monthly and yearly in a graph for easy comprehension.

The page also helps to present ICO projects by categories of different industries they represent. This is shown in a colorful representation of graphs and charts of projects and their individual industries. The percentage industrial representation of projects is displayed in real-time as well as the cumulative investor amounts raised per industry category. The ICOWatchlist technical team takes into account projects that overlap industries and as such algorithmic mechanisms have been embedded into the page to ensure that capital raised by such projects are equitably distributed by industry based on the degree of project concentration in particular industries.

Another statistics data which is the underlining blockchain platform technology on which the individual project tokens were developed is also accounted for with this tool. The categorization by blockchain does not particularly take note of the platform on which entire projects run, it is mostly focused on the blockchain that powers project tokens. The percentage market share of existing blockchain platforms are shown and also represented in a graph. This can be an indicative guide to blockchain entrepreneurs who wish to launch their projects; they can make use of the insight from this page to gauge how receptive the market would be to their tokens based on the backing various blockchain technologies available.

The founders of stated that “We believe that data is key in the maturing of the cryptocurrency industry and especially for ICOs. We hope to help with the process by analyzing and making data and trends more available to anyone.” aims to keep bringing more value to crypto investors and this new service is just consistent with the platform’s outlook.
“The idea for the ICO statistics tool actually came from one of our users – We keep an open dialog with our community, and this helps us focus our energy on developing tools that will help the industry evolve” The team added.

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