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Serenity Financial

Dies ist eine bezahlte Pressemitteilung, die enthält zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen, und sollte als Werbematerial behandelt werden. nicht billigen, noch dieses Produkt / Dienstleistung unterstützen. ist nicht verantwortlich für oder Haftung für Inhalte, Genauigkeit und Qualität in der Pressemitteilung.

There is a boom of ICOs in the global market. And most of them are related to financial industry. And every single project claims to change the industry with its innovations. How to figure out which ICO has the highest potential and quality? How to avoid scams?

Denis Kulagin, Serenity Finanz CEO, recommends diversifying your investments, choosing the projects from different industries and directions, investing equal shares into each of them.

How to Choose An ICO
Außerdem, Denis says that by his experience only real projects give detailed description of token economy: its values, prospects and life span.

He is sure that real team with good experience is the best indicator of project quality. And the presence of real advisors coupled with personal investments of the team makes it even more attractive.

Serenity Financial is planning to attract $14 mln to develop the first forex-focused market place. Here traders will be able to choose brokers to trade at crypto exchanges and Forex market. And such a marketplace is not only an exchange, but also the regulator recording all the transactions in blockchain, should a dispute arise.

Serenity Gives Details
And the question of financial prospects of the Serenity ICO is covered in detail in the project’s White Paper. Technical development and launch of the project will take a year. Another year will be needed to involve the participants of the system and to break even.

Serenity will need $2 million to develop a minimal viable product and cover all the necessary marketing costs. This is the minimal level (soft cap) of the project.

To develop some advanced services, needing legal paperwork, Serenity will need $5 Million. It will allow to develop KYC (know your client) Verfahren, setting up procedures for verification of this data and sharing it with brokerages.

To enhance the security of the system, Serenity plans to develop its own custom blockchain, holding all the transactions of the clients. It will be possible if the project gets at least $10 million in funding.

If the project gets at least $14 Million, it will start developing its own supply chain for Forex liquidity, including acquiring licenses in major Forex regulations (US, Vereinigtes Königreich, USA, Australien, etc.), developing its own bridge solution for feeding the liquidity to brokerages.

This is the final technical goal the project has, but to make liquidity more robust, Serenity will need its own hedge fund, which will allow it to act as a prime broker for its clients. To function at its full potential, this fund must be as high as the sum of investments of all the traders using the platform. So, the project is setting its hard cap pretty high – $84 Million.

Sale of SERENITY Tokens
The sale within the ICO framework will be carried out in stages. Each stage will have its own discounts and amount of tokens for sale. In Summe, 3,500,000 SERENITY tokens will be sold, with a nominal value of 0.1 ETH.

1. In the first stage, a discount of 50% for SERENITY will be provided. It will take place during the Pre-ICO, which will start on the November 15th and end on the November 30th. Number of tokens on Pre-ICO is limited to 150000 SERENITY. After this stage, there will be a pause for 30 days to establish the promotion strategy for the project at the ICO stage.
All participants who submit the application for participation in the Pre-ICO prior to its start, with indication of the number of required tokens, will have the priority right of purchase at the start of sales.
If the minimum target amount of funds will not be raised at the ICO stage, the pre-ICO participants are exempt from the refunds.
2. Second stage: 42 days of ICO (6 Wochen). Discount will be provided depending on the achieved fundraising tasks.
3. All unsold tokens will be destroyed.
4. After the end of the ICO, tokens can be freely traded on the exchange.
Behind Serenity Financial is a team with wide experience in the finance are. Sie haben startete bereits einige erfolgreiche Projekte wie das Maklerunternehmen Großkapital mit einem monatlichen Umsatz von 4.7 Milliarden und ein Tech-Unternehmen UpTrader die weltweit Software für Makler entwickelt.
Pre-ICO beginnt am 15. November und dauert nur 15 Tage. Verpassen Sie nicht Ihre Chance, die Welt der ehrlichen Forex zu günstigen Konditionen eingeben.

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