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Smartbillions Lottery System

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Confidence and trust in lottery agencies has been a hotly debated issue for quite some time. With widely known cases of fraud, such as the one in Pennsylvania (USA), in which the host of a lottery with a prize of $3.5 Million (one of the largest at the time) replaced all lottery balls, except those with the numbers 4 und 6, with heavier ones. Working with the assumption that only lighter balls would be selected, the host’s associates placed their bets on all possible combinations of the numbers 4 und 6. The results were as they expected, with the winning combination being 666 ensuring them a nice payday but cheating the general public out of a fair chance to win.

In today’s world, with online-lotteries being so wide-spread, both hosts and developers of the software for lotteries have the ability to influence the results. Beispielsweise, Eddie Tipton head of the cyber security department at MultiState lotteries association, recently acknowledged his guilt in a United States courtroom for modifying the code of lotteries that he took part in, allowing him to win multiple jackpots over a 12-year period. Tipton managed to accumulated a fortune of over 10 Millionen Dollar, while cheating the average player out of any chance to win.

Thanks to the Blockchain and smart-contracts, regular individuals now have the opportunity to participate in gambling and lotteries that are free from fraud.

SmartBillions has managed to become one of the top, Messe, and transparent lottery systems in the world. With the advent of Blockchain technology and smart-contracts, SmartBillions is able to effectively reduce the chances of fraud in gambling. Through the creation of SmartBillions, the lottery industry finally has its chance to improve its image and reputation.

SmartBillions is a lottery system based on Ethereum smart-contracts, the lottery is completely decentralized with no single owner. The entire lottery process is controlled by the smart-contract and runs autonomously on the Ethereum network, meaning that nobody can influence the lottery, not even the creators.

SmartBillions gives participants more confidence in the lottery industry and trust in the fact that no one but the legitimate winners will be able to receive prize money. No existing lottery has ever been able to provide users with this level of security. zusätzlich, the smart contracts code base is fully open sourced, and can be analyzed by anybody who would like to learn more about its credibility, allowing SmartBillions to be completely transparent for its users.

The creators of SmartBillions have managed to revolutionize the gambling industry and create a unique product that addresses all existing problems in the industry, instilling a level of trust among consumers previously unimagined, making the project most attractive for investors.

The creators of SmartBillions are revolutionizing the gambling industry by providing the world with a unique product that addresses a variety of existing issues in the gambling space. SmartBillions is truly a very attractive project for investment purposes.

It is no secret that the gambling and lottery industries are multi-billion industries and are gaining popularity all over the globe. Deswegen, it should be obvious that investments in such businesses are known to provide great payoffs.

SmartBillions’ ICO is set to launch on October 16th, 2017. Insgesamt 252 million tokens will be sold, these tokens will be known as PLAY Tokens (ERC20 compliant). The price of one PLAY Token will be 0.001 Etherium during the ICO, which equates to about 30 cents. The total value of all PLAY tokens released to the public will be 200,000 ETH, oder $58 million dollars by todays exchange rate. Über 80% of the total number of tokens available will be sold during the projects ICO.

After the ICO concludes, PLAY tokens will be available to trade on most well-known cryptocurrency exchange platforms. If market projections are true, the market value of PLAY tokens will be much higher than during the ICO.

The majority of investor funds that are acquired during the SmartBillions ICO will go directly towards the Jackpot pool of the lottery, while the rest will be diverted towards marketing.

In order to guarantee investor fund safety during an unpredicted price drop of PLAY tokens on exchanges, the developer team behind SmartBillions have created a safety feature that will let investors get a partial refund of their initial investment. The refund will be a little greater than 70%. Such a safety feature greatly reduces the risk that investors may face. In Anbetracht dessen, as well as the projects prospects for growth, PLAY tokens sure do look like an appealing investment in comparison to most other ICO’s that are currently on the market.

Looking for more information on how investors will be able to make a profit through SmartBillions Play tokens? Check out the projects whitepaper.

Ebenfalls, refer to the ICO’s website:
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