SegWit Prozentsatz Transaktion auf Bitcoin Blockchain Dips Below 10% Nochmals

The activation of Segregated Witness on the Bitcoin network hasn’t done too many favors so far. The number of SegWit-capable transactions is still incredibly low. Without proper support form wallets and other service providers, this will not change. According to the charts, weniger als 10% of all transactions use this scaling solution. It is a very worrisome trend, zu sagen, dass die allerwenigsten. Solving this problem will not be easy by any means.

Segregated Witness is designed to make Bitcoin scale in a major way. After a full year of opposition, the solution has now been active on the network. Eigentlich, it has been for several months already. Aus irgendeinem Grund, there is a low number of SegWit transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. This number is decreasing below 10% once again as well. Aus irgendeinem Grund, the lack of native support is not being resolved whatsoever. This has been a problem for many months now and only gets worse.

SegWit Adoption Struggles to Surpass 10%

According to recent Statistiken, weniger als 10% of Bitcoin transactions use Segregated Witness. Although this is not a big change compared to a while ago, it’s not positive either. Some blocks show a slightly higher percentage, but it’s pretty bleak overall. Until service providers and wallets finalize integration, the number will not change. These companies have struggled to finalize this process. Not entirely surprising, as the code is still pretty messy right now.Integration this project has been cumbersome, gelinde gesagt.

It is unclear if any big changes will occur before the year is over. Until we see some big improvements, the Bitcoin ecosystem will continue to struggle. Außerdem, it also shows the Bitcoin Geld team may not have been entirely wrong in their decision. Scaling comes in many different ways, although SegWit seemingly presented the best solution. It seems a lot of people tend to disagree, Andernfalls, we would have seen better integration already. A very problematic turn of events, zu sagen, dass die allerwenigsten.

It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves in the coming weeks and months. Bitcoin can easily be attacked with spam transactions. Such an attack occurred not too long ago. Without a real scaling solution, issues like these will continue to occur on a regular basis. A solution has to be found sooner or later. Das ist viel leichter gesagt als getan, Unglücklicherweise.

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Quelle: Newsbtc