Die Bitcoin.com Podcast Netzwerk Presents: Diese Woche in Bitcoin

The Bitcoin.com Podcast Network Presents: This Week In Bitcoin

This week the cryptocurrency portal Bitcoin.com launched a new podcast called “This Week In Bitcoin” with host Matt Aaron, who discusses the previous week’s hottest news in fifteen minutes. The weekly roundup is just one of the many exciting developments lined up for 2018 happening within the Bitcoin.com podcast network.

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The Bitcoin.com Podcast Network Presents: This Week In Bitcoin

This week Bitcoin.com podcast network host, Matt Aaron, started the first of many Diese Woche in Bitcoin zeigt an. The week’s theme for the show, which aired on January 12, was regulation, as much of the topics over the past seven days in Bitcoinland revolved around regulatory actions from various governments — most notably in South Korea. Aaron also discusses the recent regulatory crackdowns on initial coin offerings (ICO) which the crypto-community has witnessed a lot more recently. Aaron also reveals his prediction for 2018 price drops by saying that he believes a majority of the dips in value will be due to regulations and government interference.

As the Bitcoin.com podcast network host explains, regulatory actions were abundant this week especially in South Korea. Korean officials have been investigating exchanges and even throwing around the word ‘ban,’ creating a lot of uncertainty within the crypto-community. Aaron discusses the investigations taking place at exchanges like Coinone, und Bithumb.

In addition to the regulation talk, Aaron discusses recent news about The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) not accepting bitcoin. Na sicher, Die Nachricht verbreitete sich wie ein Lauffeuer, as many people disliked the idea that a bitcoin themed event couldn’t accept BTC transactions because of delays and high fees.

Alles in allem, it was an interesting week in the world of cryptocurrencies, and our new podcast “This Week In Bitcoin” with Matt Aaron got right down to the nitty-gritty. Check out the new show Hier, and make sure you tune in and listen every Friday for a bite-sized podcast of the week’s hottest stories and moments.

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