UK Finance Regulator warnt gegen Kryptowährung Derivate

One of the U.K.’s finance regulator has warned consumers about a particular kind of derivative contract based on cryptocurrencies.

In a release on its website, das Vereinigte Königreich. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) cautioned would-be investors in cryptocurrency contracts-for-differences, or CFDs. Under a CFD, the two parties involved agree to pay either side in the event that the underlying value of an asset – in this case, an amount of cryptocurrency – changes over time.

These products allow users to speculate on the prices of different assets, and while cryptocurrencies fall under this umbrella, they ought to be considered very risky products, entsprechend der Agentur.

CFDs fall under the purview of the FCA meaning that companies offering such products are within the agency’s jurisdiction. Legal safeguards aside, the agency warned thatthese protections will not compensate you for any losses from trading.

The agency said:

“Kryptowährung CFDs sind ein extrem hohes Risiko, spekulative Investitionen. Sie sollten verbundenen Risiken bewusst sein und vollständig zu prüfen, ob in Kryptowährung CFDs investieren für Sie geeignet ist.”

The FCA listed price volatility, Hebelwirkung, charges and funding costs, and price transparency as four risks to investing in crypto-based CFDs. The agency also noted that the initial fees required to invest in a crypto-based CFD are higher than for other contracts, and due to the volatility in cryptocurrency pricing, an investor could end up putting in more than the product they receive is worth.

Today’s release isn’t the first time the FCA has called for calm around investments related to cryptocurrencies. Back in June, FCA director of strategy and competition Chris Woolard said thatwe do have to exercise a degree of caution.

Im September, the FCA said that initial coin offerings (ICOs) sind “very riskand advised would-be contributors to report any potential fraud they may encounter.

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