Welto Integrierbar mit Coinbase so Benutzer Rechnungen mit Bitcoin zahlen können

Welto Integrates Coinbase so Users Can Pay Bills with Bitcoin


A new bitcoin and cryptocurrency application, Welto, just integrated Coinbase into their system. Welto now allows users to pay their bills with bitcoin in a streamlined and simple fashion. Users simply have to provide their payee account info, Adresse, and account information for Welto will pay the bill within 24 nach 48 Std..

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The Welto press release explained, „Wie jetzt, we allow paying bills with Bitcoin innerhalb [das] Coinbase platform. Damit, if a user has [ein] Coinbase-wallet, it works even faster. Bitcoins come to our wallet immediately, and we start paying the bill after that right away. If a customer doesn’t have [ein] Coinbase-wallet, we allow [them to] pay from another wallet with [ein] Coinbase-friendly QRcode.”

More on Welto’s New Service

Welto also mentioned they accept payments between $5 nach $300 dollars in bitcoin. After a user makes a payment, they can use Welto’s system to track payments. Users will be able to see when payments are posted and when the payee has accepted. Welto’s services allow customers to leverage bitcoins to pay utility bills.

There is now no need for crypto holders to exchange crypto for fiat. Welto’s Coinbase integration means bill payments are made immediately by Welto after the cryptocurrency transfer is confirmed. Welto elaborated more on their product:

We are building [ein] system that will allow our customers to spend their cryptocurrency on real goods and services wherever they want. We started from the US market and [sind] planning to extend our service and application worldwide. Ab jetzt, we are providing our users with the ability to pay their bills directly with cryptocurrency.

Welto’s service is a dream come true for many bitcoin and cryptocurrency users. People can now pay their bills via the Welto platform. The company has also teamed up with CoinPayments to allow users to pay their bills using altcoins as well. These kinds of services are becoming more popular as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin gain wider mainstream adoption.

Welto Integrates Coinbase so Users Can Pay Bills with Bitcoin

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