Walhaufen deuten darauf hin, dass dieses wichtige Bitcoin-Level eine explosive Rallye auslösen kann

Der Preis von Bitcoin (BTC) is attempting to break the $60,000 resistance level after more than a week of ranging.

Whale clusters show that $57,046 und $60,045 are the crucial support and resistance areas in the short term.

Mit anderen Worten, the probability of a strong breakout in the foreseeable future would increase substantially if Bitcoin stays above $57,046 and continues to test $60,000 Widerstand.

Why whale clusters are important for Bitcoin

Whale clusters form when high-net-worth investors buy or sell Bitcoin at a certain price and do not move their holdings thereafter.

So wie, a whale cluster support typically serves as a strong macro support area for Bitcoin because whales tend to buy more when BTC falls to a level where they initially bought BTC.

Auf der Kehrseite, a whale cluster resistance area would likely hold up as a sell area because whales are more likely to wait until their breakeven price to sell their positions.

Laut Forschern von Whalemap, the two key resistance levels for Bitcoin in the near term are $60,045 und $61,062. Im März 31, the researchers noted:

“$BTC is back. Bouncing perfectly from whale supports so far. This is a good sign: in bear trends, whale resistances work better than supports and vice versa for bull trends. Whale supports are back to business now which means the trend has shifted. April should be quite fun.

Bitcoin-Wal-Cluster. Quelle: Whalemap

Seit damals, the price of Bitcoin has been ranging and consolidating between the resistance level and the $57,000 Unterstützung.

Basierend auf diesem Trend, the researchers added that this could be the calm before the storm, anticipating a spike in Bitcoin’s volatility, which is currently at the lowest levels since November 2020. Sie schrieben:

The support resistance battle is intense. Levels from last week are working pretty well. Bitcoin wird von der begrenzt $60,045 Level ziemlich genau richtig. Ist das die Ruhe vor dem Sturm??

Händler’ sentiment about Bitcoin is mixed

Laut dem pseudonymen Händler bekannt als “Byzantine General,” the Bitcoin futures market is becoming extremely overheated.

The derivatives market is surging while the BTC futures funding rate is consistently spiking above 0.12%.

Im Durchschnitt, the default futures funding rate of Bitcoin is 0.01%, so the market is overheated by around 12-fold. Der Händler sagte:

This looks pretty bad tbh. A good flush would be a blessing.

Bitcoin price chart with futures funding rate and volume. Quelle: TradingView.com, Byzantine General

A trader known asNekoZstated that the technical market structure of Bitcoin on the 4-hour chart indicates that BTC could consolidate longer, but is not bearish in the near term.

Der Händler sagte:

“BTC – H4 I see no reason to be bearish on bitcoin 2 points I am adding to my long. As long as we keep showing higher lows, 0 reason to be worried.

Traders generally echo the sentiment that Bitcoin could see a minor pullback to reset from the overheating derivatives market, but the macro technical structure remains optimistic.

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