Warum Erik Voorhees hält alle seine Vermögenswerte in Bitcoin

If you’ve not heard of Erik Voorhees, dann, chances are, you must be new to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – because he’s one of the most pre-eminent entrepreneurs in the industry.

Eigentlich, he featured heavily in Netflix’s Banking on Bitcoin documentary last year. (Worth watching, Apropos, if you need a crash course on how cryptocurrency started and where it’s all going.)

Erik famously keeps all his assets and finances in bitcoin.

(When he sold one of his companies, Satoshi Dice, zurück in 2013, the anonymous buyer paid in bitcoin. It was the world’s first large corporate takeover executed through bitcoin.)

He’s literally “all-in” with bitcoin. Warum?

Because Erik understands – better than most because he’s been involved in Bitcoin since almost the beginning and is one of the most respected players in the industry – that cryptocurrency is more than just an “innovation”. It’s a technological game-changer that, in Erik’s words, will take our civilization out of the “economic dark ages” and solve a problem our ancestors have grappled with for millennia.

This is why the rise of cryptocurrency is inevitable.

And since its rise is inevitable, those who were smart enough to buy into Bitcoin (und andere cryptocurrencies) while it was on the ground floor have the opportunity of a lifetime to reap huge returns when the rest of the world wakes up to the opportunity too.

This is why Erik and others like him are all-in with Bitcoin – because, Sie glauben, it’s the best bet we’ll ever see in our lifetime, and the window for getting in before it gets hot is closing rapidly.

Jetzt, you might not want to go all-in on Bitcoin like Erik has – but I bet there’s a part of you that wants to see what he sees and discover why he’s so confident about the blockchain revolution, Recht?

Wenn ja, there’s a rare opportunity coming up to meet Erik Voorhees in person and listen to him speak.

die Bitcoin, Astraleum, and Blockchain Super Conference takes place in Dallas, Texas, from Friday, Februar 16th bis Sonntag, Februar 18th. Richard Jacobs, its organizer, is bringing together more than 39 of the most pre-eminent players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry – titans like Erik Voorhees, Charlie Shrem, Tim Draper, and many more – so they can show you where the industry is headed in 2018 und darüber hinaus, and where the biggest bucks will be made by investors.

If you register before the “Early Adopter” deadline, tickets cost just $597 (the full price is $797) – and you’ll also get a complimentary conference t-shirt and entry into a cryptocurrency raffle.

Purchase conference tickets over here

Oder, if you want to learn more about the Super Conference and get free sneak preview content from some of the speakers, click the link below to sign up to the free notification list:

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