Digital Developers Fund Announces ICO for Digital Investment Fund

As investors and financial planners, the market players are always looking for the most promising asset classes which can adjust trading risks and ensure good returns. One of such asset classes which can no longer be disregarded is cryptocurrencies — as the surge in their value has been complemented by an equally surging institutional adoption and trade volume.

There are currently over 700 different cryptocurrencies, but only a fraction of these have incredible potential. Investing in the right ones require years of expertise and a natural flair to understand the markets’ inefficiencies. The inability of investors to locate profitable entry and exit points lead to missed opportunities. And to take advantage of the profitable trades, users need to monitor their trades 24/7, or get acquainted with investment funds that do the same for a minor fee.

This turns out to be a major factor behind the rebranding of a Cayman Islands fund. Founded as Domain Developers Fund under the Cayman Islands Mutual Fund Law in 2010, the investment vehicle has renamed itself to Digital Developers Fund, or DDF, in order to make space for top-performing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

By going ahead with the aforementioned integration, DDF joins the list of investment funds that specialize in the macro-economics of digital asset classes. The Fund’s fluency in the domain trading, however, could distinguish it from the rest — as it holds $3.3 million worth of high-valued domains, such,

DDF now looks forward to expand its asset allocation by investing in the upcoming ICOs, and in cryptocurrencies with at least $100 million worth of market cap that are listed in a minimum of three exchanges. The team responsible for looking after the profit generation from these investments has a combined experience of 15 years in mainstream trading. Just recently, DDF has — a domain it owned — for a mighty $170,000, ensuring high and steady returns for each one of its stakeholder.

Enters DDF ICO

DDF has announced the initial coin offering (ICO) of its “proof-of-membership” tokens, which will start on the 10th of July and will run for the next 30 days. The holders of DDF tokens will be treated as stakeholders in the Fund. They will receive quarterly dividends according to their stake through Ethereum smart contracts.

DDF will distribute a total of 247,500,000 native tokens at a rate of 1 Ether per 1,000 DDF. Investors will be able to purchase DDF tokens by sending Ether to an address that will be mentioned on the DDF’s ICO page. After the ICO round is over, the DDF token will be listed on multiple exchanges, from where it could be exchanged for different fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Overall, the DDF will allocate 45% of its total funds of cryptocurrencies, 27.5% on domain investing, 7.5% of mining operations and 5% of miscellaneous digital assets. The remaining 15% will be allocated towards operational funding.

More information about the ICO can be accessed here:

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