DMarket to Monetize Game Items with the Power of Blockchain · August 3, 2017 · 11:57 am

The new player, DMarket, has announced the release of a decentralized marketplace that will be used for trading gaming content through any game.

[Note: This is a press release.]

DMarket has made an official release-statement of their brand-new cross-game trading platform, which will allow gamers from multiple video games to freely trade game items and other video game content. Smart contract and blockchain technologies power this marketplace, which will open a whole new economy to over 2 billion gamers around the globe, enabling them to trade virtual items and earn money with just a click.

DMarket also offers an API that will enable game developers to include their games in the market and make their game content tradeable. This means that they won’t have to go through the trouble of creating their own closed markets that will be limited to their games only. On top of that, any smaller game will be able to enter this huge market and become part of this growing economy.

Volodymyr Panchenko, the founder and CEO of DMarket explains:

With DMarket, we are using blockchain technology to ‘matchmake’ virtual and real economies. Gamers will be able to use DMarket to bring their virtual items to the global economy, creating a new billion-dollar market. DMarket will satisfy the demand of more than two billion gamers across different platforms. […] With just a single click, players will be able to exchange their items across multiple virtual worlds and trade them for real goods. DMarket will bring real value to every virtual item.

The estimated revenue of video game industry in 2016 surpassed $100 billion and by 2020 it’s expected that this number will grow by an additional $30 billion. Even though there are more gamers than ever, only a small number of players are able to make money through their gaming experience. DMarket can completely change this by connecting various game universes through a single platform. All players will finally be able to sell their items and make money through their gaming efforts. On top of that, all of the trading and gaming efforts will be convertible into real cash, which has never been done before.

DMarket will launch their token currency on August 17, 2017, at which time people can immediately buy tokens. The sale will only last 72 hours.

Learn more by visiting their official website.

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