Ehab: A Decentralized Platform for the Disruption of Housing Development

Through the Ehab platform, housing can become a people-led process which will result in more better livable places being built. 

The evolution of housing has kept pace with other technological developments throughout most of human history. Looking back, one can find consistent changes in the design of houses, which has shifted from being a basic shelter from the elements and enemies to palatial homes of comfort and great splendor, but only for those who can afford such luxury. As cities emerged, so did inequality. Some people could afford to live in lavish homes while others lived in houses that were in poor conditions, and times have gone by without the emergence of any better alternative.  This pattern of inequality in housing has continued, but it doesn’t have to anymore.

The industrial revolution brought enormous prosperity to many, but utter squalor to even more. It is at this stage that the worst of modern housing was built. The trend continues to date with developers from all around the world seizing the opportunity to provide housing to people moving to cities. The cheapest, lowest standard housing is built and sold to people, leaving them with no other choice but to pay for it.

The problem:housing is currently built for profit, not people.  

The Solution:to provide a decentralized platform which puts people first, connects them with developers with quality products and use crowd financing to circumnavigate the banks.

A crowdfunding platform for people-led affordable housing.

Consider Ehab, a blockchain platform with its token presale scheduled from 9th to the 19th of February 2018. It is going to be the world’s first crowdfunding platform for people-led affordable housing on the blockchain. The firm uses the power of reputation systems to create trusted networks that bring together the community, developers, buyers, and investors to accelerate the construction of affordable housing and reduce the inefficiencies which litter the current system.

The platform collects demand data from a future homeowner, it automatically matches that user to appropriate housing projects, then uses blockchain based voting and smart contracts to empower a group of total strangers to co-design a project and reach consensus. The platform’s project management feature then facilitates the building process where developers can make time and cost efficiency savings for the building process with the use of smart contracts. Once the project has planning approved the developers can then raise finance from the crowd by selling security tokens of the project, at rates which beat the banks.

One of the most noteworthy features of the platform is enabling individuals to have a say in their own home’s design and that of the community they will soon be part of. To ensure quality in this process the users of the platform work with architects and designers through the platform’s interface, allowing input from the user but ultimately having an expert to have the final say.

Through a scalable, modular framework, Ehab opens the doors for tech developers to adapt and grow the platform further, thereby helping create a new, flexible and constantly evolving future, for housing development and finance.

Ehab’s Tradable Tokens.

The layers incorporated into the Ehab smart contract cuts cost by automatically sharing the necessary information with project stakeholders based on different rules and criteria. The most significant cost-cutting comes in the form of automated payments, which removes the need for lawyers to authorize the drawdown of funds and can see that contractors are paid on time, reducing the need to have longer contracts. This forms part of the digital management system which helps developers save time, money, and translate digital plans into real houses on the ground.

This system also allows Ehab to track every aspect of the project, which can help accelerate the implementation of modern methods of construction and address inefficiencies in the system. All the relevant information, including reviews and quantitative data, is then hashed and stored on the blockchain, so that anyone may have access, audit and learn from the data associated with the project in question.

Ehab enables the flow of liquid property investments, through their ehab token (EHB), which can be traded for other digital currency or fiat currency.  When investing in a specific project you buy ehab property tokens (EHP), these are backed by assets so are a secure investment, yet they still have the token mechanics allowing investors to cash out early, enjoy equity growth, and receive returns using the token system. This two token concept uniquely eliminates risks through their portfolio investment approach and enables value to be captured and reinvested. The EHB tokens interact with smart contracts to allow the seamless transfer of value between stakeholders in the project.

The Token Sale

Ehab will issue ehab tokens (EHBs) during the token sale period. These tokens can be used in the platform ecosystem or sold on any of their partnered exchanges. 50% of the tokens will be sold during the main sale as well as the pre-sale, and Ehab will then retain the remaining 50%. 7% are being distributed to advisors, team members and other partners. The other 43% are being placed in a 12-month lockup, after which they will be in a future development pool and only accessed to use for liquidity, to prevent the delay of a project, or to run another token sale for expansion of the Ehab platform.

The Pre-sale opens on the 9th of February 2018 and ends on the 19 of February 2018, to be followed by the beginning of the main token sale on the 1st of March 2018 until it closes on the 30th of April 2018. The tokens- which are ERC-20 standard compliant- will be bought in ETH, where 1 ETH=20,000 EHB. The lowest purchase denomination is 0.05 ETH for 1000 EHB, with the hard cap set at 50,000 ETH, for a total possible supply of 3,100,000,000 EHB.

Find more information about Ehab and the token sale at –

The Whitelist is now open for registration on the site to make sure you can access the 50% bonus. If investing more than 1 ETH, you will be included in the private sale with a 55% bonus.

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