Encrypgen Brings Blockchain Technology to Genomic Research, Announces ICO

The blockchain is probably one of the most versatile technologies to be developed till date. The technology which was originally designed to keep a record of all the transactions happening over the Bitcoin network has now found use in almost every industry segment. The scientific research and healthcare figures on top of the list of industries as they have a great need to ensure confidentiality, data integrity and accountability. Encrypgen is among a handful of companies to recognize this need and create a blockchain solution to address it.

The developments in biotechnology and medicine have made it easy and inexpensive to sequence genetic material. The genetic sequences of living beings play a crucial role in research, diagnosis and even preventive medicine. Encrypgen has created a blockchain based solution called Gene-Chain to help laboratories and healthcare providers store and manage genomic information of any sample.

The Encrypgen team is currently in the process of developing a suite of products for the life sciences industry. They already have few products under the Gene-Chain banner, currently in beta stage. These products viz, Gene-Chain Link, Gene-Chain Lab and Gene-Chain Commerce can be used by laboratories, research, and analysis divisions to take care of their genomic data storage and computing needs.

Encrypgen’s Gene-Chain is designed to work with existing systems and also as a standalone solution (which is currently in development). In order to accelerate the platform development, the company has recently announced the launch of its ICO campaign. Through this ICO campaign, Encrypgen plans to raise a total of 1000 BTCs worth of funds. The ongoing crowdsale will also give a limited period opportunity for investors to be part of an initiative to create a groundbreaking blockchain solution for cutting-edge scientific applications.

Those taking part in the Encrypgen ICO can choose to contribute BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, ETC to receive Gene-Chain Coins. Encrypgen is currently offering 76000 Gene-Chain Coins per bitcoin, with an additional 5% bonus for those contributing more than 5 BTCs. As the crowdsale proceeds, the number of Gene-Coins per BTC will decrease by 5% per week. Also, any investor purchasing the largest chunk of Gene-Chain tokens during the ICO stands to receive an additional 1 million tokens.

The Encrypgen ICO will go on for another 37 days. Investors and cryptocurrency community members can take part in the ICO here.

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